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 recurrent pneumonia  

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A 3-year-old boy presents to the emergency room with a history of recurrent cough. A review of his previous records reveals recurrent episodes of right lower lobe pneumonia. An x-ray chest in the current admission also confirms a right lower lobe pneumonia. He has no other major health issues. What is the most likely diagnosis?

1) cystic fibrosis

2) congenital lung abnormality

3) chronic granulomatous disease

4) asthma

5) bronchiectasis of the lingula




Hey mash,Isn't lingula on the left lung?
Why not 1? but then there r no other symptoms like for malabsorption :icon_scratch: If not 1 then2(congenital defeact)cz it is happening on the same side again and again.I think I'll go for 2.
U can tell I don't have any clue :wink: wats the ans Ayeshah? grin


u know what hamidi? there shouldn't be any doubt in ur mind regarding ur readiness for step 2 !!!!! The way u solved this question.... u have got it gal!!!! :icon_thumb: u have developed the thinking process necessary to clear this exam. So stay put, stay focused, solve as many Q's as u can and don't ever doubt ur ability to ace this exam!!!!
Good luck studying

PS: by the way correct answer is 2, reason as per hamidi!


Oh Ayeshah u made my day.Thanks for the nice comment :oops: :roll: :wink:




"Recurrent pneumonia in a young child, when consistently localized to the same lung segment, should raise the suspicion of an underlying congenital or acquired disease. Pneumonia can be caused by an external compression of a bronchus by tuberculous or fungal lymphadenopathy, tumours or vascular rings. It can also result from obstruction by intraluminal lesions, such as a bronchial tumour or foreign body. Other conditions that may present as segmental pneumonia include localized bronchiectasis, congenital cystic adenomatoid malformations and related cystic lung pathology, such as an intralobar pulmonary sequestration. However, most of these lesions are detected through prenatal ultrasound screening programs."


can u plz tell q source?


i got the q from the medical counsil of canada website!

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