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 Q41 - The following data are obtained during  

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Q41 - The following data are obtained during evaluation of an 18-year-old woman:

Blood pressure (mm Hg) O2 saturation (%)
Right atrium 7 (N=5) 90 (N=75)
Right ventricle 35/7 (N=25/5) 90 (N=75)
Pulmonary artery 35/8 (N=25/15) 90 (N=75)
Left atrium 7 (N=9) 95 (N=95)
Left ventricle 110/7 (N=110/9) 95 (N=95)
Aorta 110/75 (N=110/75) 95 (N=95)

Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

(A) Atrial septal defect
(B) Mitral stenosis
(C) Patent ductus arteriosus
(D) Pulmonic stenosis
(E) Tricuspid insufficiency


(A) Atrial septal defect


Good reSponse !!!!


hmm.....basically it's an extremely easy question!

all u gotta do is toi check where did the inc. in venous PO2 first occurs.....

pulmonary art.----PDA

simple huh!

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