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 forced expiratory volume  

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hi everyone .I'm havimg a problem solving problems that present { qbank} with a FEV spirograph does any one know a good source prefer online that explain those.


No, but in 1 second it should include your expiratory reserve vol.+ your tidal volume. {residual vol. would only be measured with a helium technique} Also normal people can only exhale 80% of their vital capacity in 1 sec. because during a forced expiration intrapleural pressure becomes positive/airways are compressed!


hey mjl i agree with u .....residual volume measurement by helium method......there was a post previously regarding spirometry and the answer was total lung capacity tht gives +30cm H2O

how can yuo measure total lung capacity by spirometry???


Im not familiar with lung pressures, but you could add a variation of the IRV+TV+ ERV+ estimate about 1200 ml for RV(70 kg male) for TLC.
The TLC should be around 6700ml.

TV is about 500 to 600 ml
IRV is about 3500ml

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