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 Surgery Match Experiences  

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Hi americadotcom, first of all i must say thanks to you for your wise advise and encouragement esp t imgs .I am an IMG with score 90 in step 1 and 98 in step 2
My wife's scores are 90 in step 1 and 99 in step 2. I have done 2 yrs of general surgery training at my homeground and also passed MRCS 1,2 n 3 I m a graduate of yr 2004
As you have said you apllied for couple match would you advise me to apply for couple match .im also ready to accept a preliminary post if offered. 2) which hospitals offer couple match is it easier to get couple match


Hey guys, im a IMG from México, I scored a 93 and 96 in Step 1 and Step 2 respectively (dont remember the 3 digit scores), have a couple of publications (in molecular biology, dont know what i was thinking) and was into experimental surgery for a year. I graduate in a month but cant apply for the 2008 match cause there were no openings for CS until march. My problem basicaly is that i have no US experience or LORs from US based doctors (obviously). Ive been considering doing a fellowship or a couple of observerships to get the experience and the LORs but its been difficult cause of economic reasons, anyone think i have a shot at matching or does anyone have any suggestions to improve my chances. Also are foreign based Drs LORs taken into account or only US?

Thanks for the insight.


Americadotcom hello this is Bouk...How r u? It's heartening to note that u've got the residency of your choice..Welldone! but Sir I want to ask what is being offered in Categorical and Preliminary surgery rotations ?? Can we choose Cardiothoracic speciality in Categorical?



compared to ev1 here i'm a li'l kid (just turned 20:nosmiling face,an IMG!!!

no STEPs taken yet

2 GET INTO A SURGERY residency prog,do i need to do some "research work",clerkship etc etc

for the ck,are the first aid review books enough?


1. get GOOD scores.
2. do ur homework go rotate and get good letters... get to KNOW someone...
3. first aid for ck? no... bad idea...


hi. i am an img from india. am done with my ms general surg,dnb and mrcs. have got 5 years of pure general surgical experience. need to know wat are my chances at categorical in usa in general surgery residency. 96 and 99 in step 1 and 2.. anyone can help me with sum advice.wuld be grateful


Hey Everyone,

Sounds like a lot of frusturated people out there. I know exactly what you're feeling.

I'm a US citizen IMG. I score 95/99/pass. I had USCE - 2 months of transplant surgery at Duke. I was published in British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology as the first author. I had 3 US LOR's and 1 international. I interviewed for categorical positions at: Duke, UNC, MUSC, Vanderbilt, and Emory.

On match day, I didn't match and had to scramble. I ended up taking a preliminary general surgery position at U of North Dakota. It ended up being a great experience. At the end of the year, I was offered a PGY-2 categorical position, but was unable to get out of the match and matched at Saint Louis University as a PGY-1. I was not allowed out of the match and thus I'm having to repeat my intern year over again.


I knew a guy got categorical postion after 1y preliminary. He is lucky because one categorical resident dropped and he took that position. Good luck everyone!


Thank you everyone who contributed to this topic specially americadotcom , i have a question and i really appreciate your help : does prelim surgery residency help if i aim to apply to subspecialities and i mean in particular orthopedics and Urology ?? thanks is advance


Hi all applicants...

I guess it's the same situation every year where we all are hopeful to get into the program of our dreams with what we have and get scores of rejection in between.

I am currently a PGY-2 resident in a General Surgery categorical program (and one of the better programs in the country) and reached there after doing a preleim year. So for all those hopefulls, wondering to apply for preliem or categorical IV's, I think you should apply for both and go where you get. Rank programs that support preleims to find a categorical spot next year higher than other that just want someone for a year. Programs that do that, shows by the trainees there and it is pretty obvious. During my second round of match and iv's I met a lot of preleims during my IV trail and most of them were unhappy with the program that they were in. This means that you were on your own and even if you were a God sent, they would not help you out. So be careful, watchful (20% dropout rate every year) hopefull and keep trying. Good luck to you all.



Hello Z,

Did you get into the PGY-2 position in GS right after your prelim surgery year at the same hospital?

do you think its still possible to add checking to apply for prelim surgery positions at the same place that I had selected for cat positions in ERAS?


Yes I did. I am not sure but you can always try to check for a preliem, they do keep checking their applications unless they are done with all their slots.


IMG from Nicaragua, applying for the 2010 match to GS(categorical and preliminary).
73 programs!!
Few months of GS in my country.
I sent my application late(middle of November).
2 LORs from surgeons in my country, 2 LORs from American doctors(physiatry and pediatric surgeon).
I did an observership with the ped surg for 2 months.
No publications/research.

Step 1 89/216
Step 2 99/263
Step 2 CS passed(result received until middle of January.
All exams passed in first attempt.

I didn´t get one single interview invitation, so depressing.
I knew that my application wasn´t perfect but I didn´t expect this.
What happened!!??


This is a common occurence. Applied too late..


hello guys how to get usce in baltimore or any ather place
please advice


apply agan this year. improve ur CV till then doing research and USCEs in surgery. just USCE doesnt help. get good letters also


Hi Docs,

Now if somebody got a prelim in surgery and then he wants to apply to for a PGY2 next year either for another prelim or cat, do the PDs and hopsitals look to his previous USMLE scores again and again so if they are not that much high and very good, they'll not consider him for PGY2 even if he was a BRILLIANT during his prelim ?? Or they look only to his Upsight scores ? plus his other current hospital letters of recommendations of course.

My simple questions, your old USMLE scores or your new upsight scores are looked for when application for PGY2 after prelim ?? or neither, it only depends on drop outs ??

Please I need an answer and experiences...

Thanks all


HI everyone

I am a newbee....registered only today

I am a senior graduate ( 10 years) have completed Post graduation from India and MRCS edin...presently working as registrar in the Caribbean.

I have been recently offered a Clinical Research Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic FL in colorectal, starting october....I was actually trying for a clincal Fellowship....( I know, dah, what was I thinking!!)

have started my MLE preperation..taking part 1 in the first week of august.

wanted to now that if I take the post in october on J1 visa, will I be able to change it to H1 if offered?


Hey Mariano ,
HI im from Nica ,did u grad from Leon ?? what year??
i already pass step 1 ,how long did u studied for CK ??


to sud 2010
you have to check
if your J- visa is a research visa and it brings no obligation regarding 2 years home country presence, then yes you can apply for residency and find J clinical or H1b sponsors..

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