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what is the mechanism for the stimulus of aldosterone via increased "K+" levels...

for instance, A-II somehow causes the enzyme Aldosterone Synthase to make more Aldosterone from Corticosterone..

so what causes the release via K

any help would be greatly appreciated... thnx


maybe by depolarizing the in IC Ca++.....i am not sure!


u know, i think i took the example too literally... i think they (first aid) meant to say these effects would cause a release of aldosterone

1. decreaseing blood volume.... which would cause an increase in A-II
2. increase in plasma osmolarity.... which could be from potasium (which is what they have in the book) but i think too much of any ion would cause an increase of aldosterone to balance out the osmolarity

my bad, i guess putting in these long hours has its disadvantages ?


aldosterone is not as important a regulator of plasma osmolarity as ADH.....because it brings abt an equivalent change in H2O


high [K+] directly activates desmolase in the production of aldosterone in the glomerulosa of the adrenal gland. if you have the kaplan physio book, they explain it nicely in the endocrine chapter.
hope that helps smiling face

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