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 No1 AIDS patient killer--among fungi ?  

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A Cryptococcus
B Pneumocystis


i think pneumocystis carinii ....particulkarly when CD4 counts less than 200


But I think their leading overall cause of death is a ("wasting syndrome")


PLEASE check out these articles from CDC. Pneumocystis used to be considered a protozooan, but is now considered a fungus. I did not know this and you might not, either. Please note that its name has also been changed, and is no longer known as P. carinii:

"For almost 80 years, Pneumocystis jirovecii (formerly carinii) was considered to be a protozoan. In 1988, DNA studies clearly demonstrated that it was not a single species but a complex group of eukaryotic microorganisms, which were assigned to the kingdom Fungi (2–4) at the branch point between Ascomycota and Basidiomycota (5)."

"From the time of its discovery, until late in the 1980s, Pneumocystis was widely thought to be a protozoan. These views were based on several criteria: 1) strong similarities in microbe morphology and host pathology, 2) absence of some phenotypic features typical of fungi, 3) presence of morphologic features typical of protozoa, 4) ineffectiveness of antifungal drugs, and 5) effectiveness of drugs generally used to treat protozoan infections. Some investigators pointed out that Pneumocystis organisms exhibit morphologic similarities to fungi (2). Nevertheless, the protozoan hypothesis remained predominant until 1988, when DNA analysis demonstrated that Pneumocystis is a fungus, albeit an odd one, lacking in ergosterol and very difficult to grow in culture (12,13) . "


Webprep named B as the first killer to AIDS patients.

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