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 Questions about Step 3  

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I am planning on taking my Step 3 as soon as I pass Step 2CS. I have a couple of questions regarding the Step 3.

1. I looked up the FSMB website and different states have different requirements for Step 3. I am planning to go into the 2006 NRMP, so I have no idea where I'll end up. What state do I choose? Also, if I were to choose a state now and take the step 3, and then end up in another program, will my score be valid/accepted there?

2. Do I have to take (physically) the test in the state that I say I am seeking licensure in?

3.Can anyone give me some ballpark idea of what would be a reasonable duration of study to crack step 3? I do understand there are many variables there and there probably is no unique magic number.

Thanks a lot!


You can take step 3 whichever state you'd like, or meet the eligibility criteria. For example I am living in Tx, in 2 weeks I am going to take my step3 here and there is a huge posibility for me to start my residency either in NY or NJ. But our step3 result will be accepted in all states.

For the studying time. There is 'rules of 2' I can say. 2 months for step1, 2 weeks for step2 and 2 days for step3 smiling face This is the joke part, but step3 is really close to step2, I guess making a quick review and studying the CCS's will be enough. Let's say 2 months for all.
Good luck.


Thanks a lot alice8 ! Also, what resources would you recommend for Step 3?
I really appreciate all your help and advice.


Well, I am using crush Step3 for review, but my main studying sources are mcq's from NMS, Appleton&Lange and Blueprints. I also registered to 1 month USMLEWORLD CCS cases. I liked them, I am sure they are going to help me during dealing with exam ccs's. I don't have too much time for a profound studying but I guess my step2 knowledge will help me.
Good luck

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