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 NB F2 S3 Marathon  

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During a marathon, a 28-year-old woman initially has pain and distress but suddenly feels exhilaration about halfway through the race. The best explanation is most likely to be increased release of

B) β-endorphin
C) epinephrine
D) glucagon
E) somatostatin

Any one can answer ? I think of epinephrine, but not very clear


B-endorphin-usually at delta and mu receptors.


It is beta endorphin -sure.


Hey, so can you explain the mechanism of this


Opiate like( responsible for "the rush" or "natural High" ironically also in the GI tract [mu & delta receptors] I believe the parent compound is


Ok, thanks


Exercise is a form of stress on the body, it promotes the release of CRH, this hormone acts on the anterior pituitary to release POMC (pro-opiomelanocortin) this splits into ACTH and beta-lipotropin. part of the beta lipotropin is the endorphins (or endogenous morphine) which gives that natural "high".
The goal of this mechanism is to release cortisol to help mobilize energy stores for the body's increased need.
hope that helps smiling face

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