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 Pediatrics Match Experiences  

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This topic is for interviews & matching experiences for Pediatrics Residency Programs.

The suggested list may include the following information:

Graduation School: IMG/US applicant:

Graduation year:

Visa Status (IMGs):

- USMLE Scores
- ECFMG Certification
- USCE (US Clinical Experience):
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation):
- Research/Publications:
- Work Experience:

Applications (preliminary/categorical):


Prematch offers:

Matched at:

Suggestions welcomed!

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Indian IMG, graduated in 2002, no visa needed

USMLE Scores: 98/99/pass (but only had step 1 scores when offered these interviews)

5 months US CE with 1 month in pediatrics, US LoRs

3 year research fellowship at US Med School with publications/presentations

Interviews for categorical pedi at:

INOVA Fairfax

UTMB, Galveston
Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital, Houston
Texas Tech-El Paso

Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital/Case Western, Cleveland
Cincinnati Children's Hospital

New York:
University of Rochester
NY Medical College at Westchester, Valhalla
Long Island College

New Jersey:
St. Peter's, Brunswick

Children's Hospital of Michigan/Wayne State, Detroit

UMass, Worcester
Baystate Medical Center, Springfield

Sinai Hospital, Baltimore

U Illinois-Chicago

Washington, DC:

accepted prematch in IM instead of pedi


Indian IMG, 86,87,pass, Doctor of Medicine in Pediatrics from India, Board certified in Pediatrics in India , LORs from USA, and UK.
5 Interviews in Pediatrics
1.Marshfield clinic in Wisconsin
2.Maimonedes hospital NY
3.Woodhull medical centre, NY's medical centre, california
5. Michigan state university,MI
Got prematch in Pediatrics


IMG, 2003 Graduate from Ankara University SOM, Turkey
ECFMG certification received on Jan/2005
Couple months of US observership
No research, no publications
No work experience neither
Categorical Ped and IM applications around 50 hospitals, most of them were in Northeast states and also in TX.
Got 16 interviews, attended only 7 of them which were:
Maimonides Peds, NY
Brookdale, Peds, NY
LICH, Peds, NY
Monmouth med. center, Ped, NJ
University of Kentucky, IM, KY
Texas Tech University, Lubbock IM, TX (J1)
Texas Tech University, Odessa IM, TX (J1)

No prematch offers
Matched, but at the moment I don't know where. I will update the information on 17th of March, Thursday.

Goodluck everyone.


IMG from Germany

Graduation year: 2004

Visa Status (IMGs): greencard

Step 1 243/98 Step 2 CK 262/99, CS passed
- ECFMG Certification - NO at time of application
- USCE 6 months
- 2 US LORs, 1 german (head pf peds department)
- good basic science research, 1 publication
- Work Experience: only as nurse assistant

Applications (preliminary/categorical):
I only applied in categorical peds programs in the NY and NJ area

Got invitation to basically all NY programs with the exception of Cornell, Columbia, Mt. Sinai, Albert Einstein Montefiore
interviewed at LICH, NYU, Fushing, St. Barnabas, Methodist
cancelled the rest as I was getting ready for prematch

Prematch offers:
LICH, Flushing, Methodist, St. Barnabas

Matched at:
accepted prematch at LICH as it was questionable if I would be certified in time for the deadline

Good luck to all future applicants!

One advice - be sure you can live with a prematch decision. Even if you are really sure, there will always be moments of doubt. Don't be tempted too easily, try to go to as many interviews as possible. I made the mistake in spreading them out too much so I had to make a decision before I could go and see them all. I'm happy with what I did, but as I said it wasn't easy and it required a lot of thinking and heart ache.


Indian IMG
graduated in 2000
scores 83/99
had not taken CSA at time of application
3 yrs ped experience in UK -passed MRCP
1 small publication
visa- H4
Applied in the mid west and Chicago 4 family reasons
only 2 interviews- Univ of Illinois and Univ. of Missouri (live there)
attended only the latter and got in thru the match!
Am quite pleased as my family stays together!


I thought this thread is very useful in finding out which programs are IMG friendly for peds residency. Thanks to those who posted their experience from 2005 Match.

I'm taking part in the 2006 Pediatrics Match. Here're the interviews I received so far and I will continue to edit this post. I would encourage everyone taking part in Peds Match to do the same.

Following the format suggested by Prep4usmle:

2002 grad from UK, has GC
89/99/CS passed at time of application, 3 months elective clerkship in US, no US LORs yet, no research publications

Interview offers:

UT Health Science Center San Antonio, TX
Children Medical Center, Dallas, TX
Baylor College of Medicine, TX
UT Houston, TX
Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit
Medical College of Ohio, Toledo
Cleveland Clinic, OH
Rainbow Babies and Children, OH
Cinicinnati Children's, OH
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Albert Einstein Healthcare, Philadelphia
Maimonides, NY
University of Rochester, NY
SUNY Stony Brook, NY
MGH, Boston
Georgetown, DC
Sinai Hospital, Baltimore
UC Irvine, CA
Children's Hospital of Orange County, CA
UCSF/Fresno, CA

Attended 12 interviews and accepted prematch at TCHsmiling face

Edited by sanz on Jan 29, 2006 - 6:58 AM


Graduation School: IMG/US applicant: IMG frm India

Graduation year: 2001

Visa Status (IMGs): EAD

- USMLE Scores -97, 99, cs passed
- ECFMG Certification -certified
- USCE (US Clinical Experience): observership fr 3 mths
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation): 2US LoRs, rest frm India
- Research/Publications: none
- Work Experience: 2yrs work exp in India

Applications (preliminary/categorical): applied to 50 peds programs

Interviews: 25(attended only 16)
UIC chicago, IL
Pennstate, hershey, PA
CWRU(metrohealth), cleveland, Ohio
UNMC-Creighton Omaha, NE
Univ of Florida, gainesville, FL
Brookdale, ny
maimonides, ny
albany, ny
jersey shore, neptune, nj
st peter's, nj
newrak beth israel, nj
loma linda, CA
MCG, augusta, GA
Wayne state/CHOM, detroit, MI
William beaumont, MI

Prematch offers: brookdale, maimonides, jersey shore

Matched at: maimonides NY(my 4th choice)


Graduation School: IMG from India

Graduation Year: 2000

Visa Status: looking for J1 Visa

Credentials: USMLE 95/90/Passed

ECFMG Certified

USCE - None

LORs - 4 good LORs (non-US)

Research/Publications: 13 publications in indexed journals, several book chapters in various textbooks

Work Experience: MD in Pediatrics in India 2000-2003. after that 2 Years of Work Experience in Pediatrics at AIIMS, and 6 months in Pediatric Cardiac intensive care

Applications: applied to 40 programs

Interviews: got 9 interviews from - SUNY Downstate, SUNY Buffalo, Brookdale, Maimonides, Cleveland Metrohealth, WSU/Children's Hospital of Michigan, Sparrow Children's Lansing, Kalamazoo, Univ of Iowa.

Prematch offered: Brookdale NY - did not accept

Matched at: SUNY Buffalo - my 3rd choice....i'm really happy about it!

guys do your homework and carefully choose the programs you apply to.

GL to all


sanz, do you mean 'Texas Children Hospital' by TCH? thanks in advance.


Graduation School: IMG from India

Graduation Year: 2001

Visa Status: Greencard

Credentials: USMLE 99/99/passed

ECFMG Certified

USCE - 2 months of observership

LORs - 4 good LORs (non-US) , 1 US lor

Research/Publications: 1 publications in indexed journals

Work Experience: MD in Pediatrics in India 2001-2004. after that 6 months of Work Experience in Pediatrics

Applications: applied to 35 programs

Interviews: got interviews from -

University of Alabama at Birmingham Program,

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Program,

Miami Children's Hospital Program,

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Program

Southern Illinois University Program, Springfield, IL

University of Illinois College of Medicine Program at Chicago

University of Illinois College of Medicine at the Children's Hospital of Illinois at Peoria Program,

University of Maryland Program,

Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center /Children's Hospital of Michigan Program, Detroit, MI

St Louis University School of Medicine Program, St Louis, MO

Washington University Program, St Louis, MO

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Program
, Newark, NJ

St. Peter's University Hospital Pediatric Residency Program
, New Brunswick, NJ

UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Program, New Brunswick, NJ

Albany Medical Center Program, Albany, NY

Maimonides Medical Center Program
, Brooklyn, NY

New York Medical College at Westchester Medical Center Program, Valhalla, NY

SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn Program, Brooklyn, NY

SUNY at Buffalo Program in Pediatrics
, Buffalo, NY

Case Western Reserve University (MetroHealth) Program
, Cleveland, OH

Crozer-Chester Medical Center Program, Upland, PA

Penn State University/Penn State Hershey Medical Center Program, Hershey, PA

University of Tennessee Program, Memphis, TN

Prematch offered: Maimonides, newark beth israel, UIC

prematched at: UIC

Apply early and prepare well for the whole process.

GL to all


Edited by usmlevikki on Apr 17, 2006 - 10:37 AM


in dire need to know how to short list the ped programs to apply in USA... no geographical consideration.


This thread do not apply to most IMGs applicants. In fact, most of the people who posted here do not have normal IMGs visa status (GC,H4, etc.) and this, for sure, makes it easier for them to fill their interview boxes.


IMG/US applicant: IMG

Graduation year: 2004

Visa Status (IMGs): H4

- USMLE Scores : 85/86/78
- ECFMG Certification : Jan 2006
- USCE (US Clinical Experience): 13 mths EXternship
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation): Got 3 LORs
- Research/Publications: none
- Work Experience: none

Applications (preliminary/categorical): Cate.IM and Peds

Interviews: 13

Prematch offers: none

Matched at:


Graduation School: IMG/US applicant: IMG

Graduation year: 2004

Visa Status (IMGs): b1-b2

- USMLE Scores: 99/99
- ECFMG Certification: Came in december
- USCE (US Clinical Experience): None
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation): 1 USA 3 Home country
- Research/Publications: None
- Work Experience: Peds residency

Applications (preliminary/categorical): mainly cat. about 90

Interviews: forgot the exact number. about 15 i think.

Prematch offers: i think 3

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Hello everyone. this is my match story.

Had 14 peds interviews, attended 10, offered prematch by 3 programs. they were in my bottom 3 choices so did not accept them. went for the match and matched in my 2nd choice program, a university with H1 visa.

I am indian IMG, graduated in 2005, then did my postgraduation in peds from india. no USCE or US LORs. decent research in India (2 international posters).
step 1-93, step 2 CK-99, step CS pass on 1st attempt. step 3 given in late sep 2010; 88 in first attempt. requiring visa sponsorship.

14 IVs: 5 univ, 9 comm affl 2 univ.

So i matched in a good program and i wish all the best 2 all of u out there.

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