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 Non-shivering thermogenesis  

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A little baby...... is exposed to a cold environement.....doesn't develop a rapid temperature drop...why? because he has what is called non-shivering thermogenesis...

Anyone want to explain further .... grin


Non shivering thermogenesis in neonates is due to brown fat in the region of shoulders and back. Cold causes adrenergic stimulation which causes metabolism of brown fat. Adrenaline and Noradrenaline stimulate uncoupled oxidative phosphorylation to produce heat rather than ATP.

the brown fat is lacking in pretem babies and so they r more prone to neonatal hypothermia.

Another setting of non shivering thermogenesis in adults is the increase in BMR in different tisues like liver, sk muscles, intestine.


Nice answer... Doc4life.... but hope we all will be Docs$life... grin

YEAH ...well now ...the other part of the answer... why non-shivering.... ?


shivering is regulated thr hypothalaus set point of temp n its not req in infants ......correct me if i m wrong........

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