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 Carotid Artery  

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Does it mean anything if you inject Sodium amobarbital into the Carotid artery?


It's used to determine which cerebral hemisphere is dominant for language. I can't remember exactly how is works. Sorry!


Correct -Its the Wada test if patient becomes aphasic the amobarb was administered to the dominant hemisphere.


The Wada test, also known as the Intracarotid Amobarbital Procedure (IAP), combines neuroimaging and neuropsychological testing methods to examine memory and language functions. It is used to evaluate patients being considered for epilepsy surgery, by examining the independent functions of the brain.

The Wada test is part of the presurgical evaluation of people being considered for epilepsy surgery. It helps to determine what might be the best type of surgery for an individual. It is useful in determining which hemisphere is "dominant" for speech and if memory is functional on one or both sides of the brain. It is important to know where speech and memory are located in the brain so that surgery does not affect these functions.

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