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 Q19 - A 34-year-old man has anorexia and naus  

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Q19 - A 34-year-old man has anorexia and nausea for 1
week followed by sudden darkening of his urine to a
brownish color. Laboratory data are consistent with
acute viral hepatitis. Screening serologic studies for
hepatitis A and B virus (HAV, HBV) infections

IgM anti-HAV Ab negative
HBV surface Ag positive
IgM anti-HBV core Ab positive
Anti-HBV surface Ab negative

Which of the following mechanisms best explains
the hepatic injury?

(A) Direct injury of hepatocyte membranes by
viral surface antigen
(B) Hepatocyte lysis by cytotoxic IgM antibody
to viral core antigen
(C) Inhibition of hepatocyte DNA replication
(D) Inhibition of hepatocyte mRNA translation
(E) T lymphocyte-mediated lysis of infected
hepatic cells


It is E.....


Bam ... On target ! .. Cool answer !!

uMm .. Just wondering .. do they ask questions that lonG on the xaMmmmm !


I need an eXplanatiOn for the T-mediated answer ???

Aint Hepatitis an anti-body mediated reaction ?


I need an eXplanatiOn for the T-mediated answer ???

Aint Hepatitis an anti-body mediated reaction ?


The qs on the exam could be longer, ESPECIALLY on step2.
Also in this arena some might consider this a short question.
Objectively speaking , one guy studying for the exam told me he took a speed reading course.


hepatitis viruses have no cytopathic effect.....hepatocyte damage is due to CD8+ve T-cells mediating lysis of those hepatocytes tht express viral antigens on their surface.

tht's why transplacental immunity develops and child remains carrier most of the time for his life :?


Yah that's good info 8)

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