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 matching for couples  

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Me and my husband are both IMGs and I heard that there was a match for couples , Can someone please explain it to me.


From the NRMP web site:

Each partner of a couple enrolls individually in the Match and indicates in the NRMP R3 System that they want to be in the Match as part of a couple. The NRMP allows couples to form pairs of choices on their primary rank order lists, which are then considered in rank order in the Match. The couple will match to the most preferred pair of programs on the rank order lists where each partner has been offered a position.

Couples can be matched into a combination of programs suited to their personal needs. In creating pairs of programs, couples can mix specialties, program types (preliminary or transitional, categorical, and advanced), and geographic locations. The partners can be matched into positions in the same institution or in different institutions. Examples are shown below.

Couples Rank Order List

Each partner must have the same number of ranks. Each program ranked must be paired with an active program or by an indication of "No Match" (NRMP Program Code = 999999999) by the other partner, which means that one partner is willing to go unmatched if the other matches to a position in the program designated at that rank.

If a partner's rank is for an advanced position, a supplemental rank order list for that program also must be prepared by that partner, unless the required first-year program already has been completed. If both partners choose advanced positions, each must prepare separate supplemental rank order lists. The choices made should be geographically acceptable to both partners. If both partners match to advanced programs, their supplemental rank order lists are not treated as a unit in the Match. (See example below: Couple's Rank Order List of Paired Programs).

If one partner wishes to withdraw from the Match, BOTH partners must uncouple before either can withdraw. The remaining partner should adjust his or her rank order list accordingly and must recertify it before it can be used in the Match.


Thankyou Bbb

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