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 Q07 - A cardiac catheterization  

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A cardiac catheterization is done in a healthy person.The blood sample withdrawn from the cathetershows 60% oxygen saturation, and the pressurerecording shows oscillations from a maximum of 26mm Hg to a minimum of 14 mm Hg. Where was thecatheter tip located?
(A) Ductus arteriosus
(B) Foramen ovale
(C) Left atrium
(D) Pulmonary artery
(E) Right atrium


Oxygen saturation and partial pressure analysis seems a little low for normal venous blood.....i don't know how wud oxygen saturation differ from right atrium to pulmonary artery in a healthy individual.

i'll go with (E) Right atrium


It is pulmonary artery due to diastolic pressure of 14 mmHg



thnx phuluong.......i was thinking abt oxygen partial pressure....

u are rite grin

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