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 From introducing yourself to the rest  

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Hello there,
How do you go from introducing yourself to the rest? Kaplan recommends not to use casual phrases such as "How are you?" or "I am pleased to meet you!", saying that it is often disquieting to patients if physicians use too informal or personal statements. First Aid says that after our entrance we should shake hands with the patient (Kaplan says not to offer handshake but to return it if offered) and introduce ourselves in a confident , yet friendly manner and gives this example: 'Hi, I am Dr..... Nice to meet you". So there are a few differences of opinion already.
I think that going from the introduction straight to asking about what brought the person to the clinic is kind of cold and impersonal as though we can't wait to get the thing done and go home or something else. On the other hand you don't want to be too casual either, so, my question is what do you think would be the best approach. It has to be a professional, yet friendly, warm and reassuring way, I think.
Please give me your opinions and suggestions.
Thank you and good luck to us all!


i'm kind of a kaplan fan, but i think that as long as u introduce urself and address the patient in a respectful manner u'll be getting credit.
As for shaking hands, none of the 12 sp's i met offered to shake hands, it seems that they're trained not to.
One last thing, ur going to have plenty of chances to appear friendly and reassuring during ur encounter, so i don't think the handshake or a perfect introduction line is everything. Each sp has a question to ask. (usually when u tell him ur going to wash ur hands, so right after the history) And most sp's had something u can help them with : photophobia=dim the lights, excessive sweating=offer a tissue, pain during palpation=excuse urslelf and stress the importance of the exam, couseling about risk factors at the end of the encounter.
But don't worry, after the first 1 or 2 encouters it becomes very natural.
good luck


Thank you very much for your reply Dollios.
Good luck to you to.

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