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 step 3 eligibility  

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dear all,

i have passed my step 1 and step 2 ck and scheduled my step 2 cs in june 2005. could anyone tell me if i get my ecfmg certificate, what else requirement should i match in order to take step 3?

i am working outside of usa in a research company. do i have to hold a clinic job in usa after i get my ecfmg license in order to be eligible to take step 3? if not, i will plan to take step 3 end of this year.

thanks for all your information in advance. smiling face


btw, i am an img, graduated in 1995 and was a resident physician for two years from 1995-1997 out of usa. does it mean i meet some states' requirement of "Minimum Postgraduate Training Required - 2 years img" thanks. smiling face


just checked fsmb bulletin, it says

To be eligible for Step 3, prior to submitting your
application, you must:

1. meet the Step 3 requirements set by the medical
licensing authority to which you are applying,
2. obtain the MD degree (or its equivalent) or the
DO degree,
3. pass Step 1, Step 2 CK, and, if required based
upon the rules referenced on page 2, Step 2 CS,
4. obtain certification by the ECFMG or
successfully complete a "Fifth Pathway" program
if you are a graduate of a medical school outside
the United States and Canada.

i think by the time, i will meet requirement #2,3,4. but i don't fully understand #1 "meet the Step 3 requirements set by the medical
licensing authority to which you are applying". could anybody explain for me or kindly give me any suggestions? thanks.


just found the info from fsmb website again.

Most states require that an individual have completed a portion of their postgraduate training prior to sitting for Step 3. However, the following states do not require postgraduate training to sit for Step 3:

Arkansas Louisiana*** New York Utah* Wyoming**
California Maryland*** North Carolina** Virginia
Connecticut Nebraska* South Dakota Washington Osteo
Florida Nevada Texas West Virginia

*valid, indefinite ECFMG certificate required for international medical graduates
**applies only to domestic medical graduates
***Training required at fourth attempt

so while i am working out of usa, can i apply to take the exam in new york, which does not require postgraduate training, in the end of this year? thanks. smiling face


Yup. Connecticut doesnt require much out of IMGs other than valid ECFMG certi. You can take the test anywhere in USA...even NY as the centre choice is made by calling FSMB prometric in USA.

PS : I have done that. Registered in connecticut. Scheduled in NY ..near Port Authority . No hassels. Quick service. Easy availability of dates. Only trouble..........STUDYING!!!


thanks a lot, drkjigs. does it mean i can take step 3 in new york in the end of this year assuming i will get my ecfmg certificate in september? even i won't live in usa then? thanks.


I think so. The day ECFMG certi is issued on teh web site (Postal delay may affect differnt countries ) register on line on FSMB. The same day get the paper ID notarised by some official. Mil it be overnight FedEx. Processing took 3 days & I had e-mail confirmation that the scheduling permit was sent to teh address I specified in the USA. As soon as my family got the permit, they called me with the permit number & I called Prometric in USA & asked for the date I wanted. There are 2-3 centres in NY..Mid town, Down town... & Uptown I guess! Things may vary later in the year.

So in a matter of 11 days from getting the ECFMG certi issued ( didnt get the original untill 2-3 weeks later in London) I had my Step 3 scheduled for the dates I wanted.

All of the above is my personal experience... individual experrience may vary. But all the best... everything is possible...just plan..& take the chance!


drkjigs, thanks a lot for all your good advices. smiling face

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