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 USMLE #3  

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Honestly, I'm at lost. Please tell me who need to take the USMLE3? Can you get USMLE #3 at any state eventhough you'll go to a different state? I had few selections since my exams are more than 7 years. I had a feeling that I would be match at the Teneesee program but I'm not eligible to take the USMLE #3 there. What do I have to do?


Step 3 is the final of the USMLEs. It is designed to determine whether you are capable of practicing unsupervised medicine so it is strongly weighted towards diagnosis and management versus pathophysiology and stuff.

Different states have different requirements to sponsor you for Step 3. The cool thing is you do not have to be a resident to use a state. In fact, it is better to go through one of the liberal states that do not require any postgraduate training, simultaneous application for license.

You could take the step 3 through say CT which has no PGY requirements.

The 7 year requirement is a different story. This actually affects whether a state will grant you a license to practice. Most states require all three exams in a 7 year period with a few exceptions for MD/PhD Med scientists.

Here is the info:

You may be able to petition Boards to grant you a license. But if not you will not be able to practice otherwise. You might have to retake all steps at this point or be limited to like 3 states.

Good luck.


Thank you very much for the information.

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