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 question to those who have failed...  

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I have failed twice...and am waiting on my third score report.

I was wondering if anyone that has failed STEP 1 took the NBME practice tests. If so, did the NBME score correlations lead you to believe you would probably pass? What were the scores?

Much thanks for any info.


I'm waiting for my score report too. But I really think I've failed - thats why I keep hanging around this forum I think - to try and draw some strength to carry on...
My NBME score was 540, which apparently is a decent score; I don't believe it has any corelation because in comparison to my exam it was dead easy. My actual exam was neuro, neuro and more neuro. Sometimes for a change they added some neurophysio/neuropharmac. Then there was more neuro...
Whereas the NBME was kind of balanced among the various subjects. Others might have had a different experience... I feel NBME might tell you that OK you know a fair bit,but how u score on the exam? I wish...


Cordmd, I know you want to do as well as possible, but I think a 540 can rule out any chance of failure. That is around 2 standard deviations above failing according to the correlation.

From what I have gathered, most people seem to perform within 10 points of their NBME correlated score. However, my NBME score correlated to a Step score right below the mean....and like you, I felt as thought I performed better on my NBME and Q-Bank exams. I never have a timing problem with practice exams, but when the questions count for real, I tend to be more thorough and tend to rush myself towards the end of the sections. Overall, I felt as though there were many easy gimme questions...but also many very difficult questions. I also have thought of at least 5 simple questions I missed due to rushing myself. I am just hoping I can pull out a score around the mean...but I am worrying just like you. Basically, I could pretty much tell you what my score would be after every Q-bank test before I even submitted it for scoring...I knew the feeling.

The feeling I got after each 50 question section on the real STEP did not make me feel like I was hitting the 65-70% range as I would do with Q-Bank.


All I want to do is pass.
About the q's I know exactly what you're saying. I was pretty good at guessing my score as well on the qbank, and in the beginning I was making a 55%, which steadily went up. By the time I ended qbank I was averaging high sixties to seventies - and I usually knew it. But in the exam, I honestly can't remember what I even got right. I remember all the stupid mistakes I made - can't seem to forget THOSE!!
I did the usmle simulated 2 weeks before the exam and got 64%. So I buckled down to study my weaknesses and then 4 days b4 the exam took the NBME. I was good in most thngs except pharma and behavioral ( my stats are miserable). BUT - there was only 1 angio and just 2 sections of brainstem; along withe the usual drug relationshps etc.
Thats why I feel I bombed the exam - it was sooooo unbelievably different. Plus, something happened about my daughter and I did'nt sleep AT ALL. So, I did a really bad test.
I'l make sure next time that I get some sleep; my hubby's gonna have to handle the kids.
So I guess all we can do is wait. this thursday will probably tell....

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