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what is the confirmatory diagnostic test for duchenne's ms dystrophy?
a) DNA studies
b) ms bx
c) CPK
d) EMG
e) nerve conduction studies


ms biopsy


acc to uw, ms bx as confirmatory test is not used now

and DNA studies are used to confirm DMD


i know mash i read this one on uw and answered ms biopsy which they say is wrong. but this is what kaplan says , definite dx is by ms biopsy. i am very confused after doing uw.
how should we answer this on the exam?


I really am not sure, lucky.
i answered it as ms bx too n got it wrong so, i posted it here.

CMDT/CTB also say ms bx is used to make the dx.

if q is abt prenatal dx, then DNA studies would be right.


muscle biopsy is the confirmatory test. we do it day in and day out on our patients. DNA testing is in these days but new mutations may be missed.

every standard textbook of Neurology mentions muscle biopsy as the diagnostic test of choice. plus DNA testing is not available at every hospital on planet earth. so everybody relies more on muscle biopsy than on DNA test.

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