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 Should I start studying for Step 2 now?  

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I'm an IMG and I took my Step 1 on the 27th. Earlier I had planned that regardless of how I do on Step 1, I would go ahead and study and take Step 2 by June and then if needed come back to step 1.
That was while I was studying for Step 1 - now I'm a mess - and wondering if this is the right thing to do. I don't know if I passed - post exam stress is full blown so I don't know if I can think straight any more. I'm hoping to target the 2006 match - so I need to finish everything by dec this year.
I really don't know the right way to go - so I'm posting on the Step 2 forum since all you guys have been down this road.
Help??????????? :shock:


I wud advice u to take a little break and start studying forstep 2.I am telling u from my own exp.I took step1 on sep 30th, and started studying now after almost agap of 4 months in betwen.I knew it shud have sarted studying but have too many distractions and commitments to keep me occpied.Long story short, now when I am studying IM I feel I ahve forgotten a lot of stuff that used to be on my finger tips.I t comes back after I look at it bu that is an extra reading on top of step 2 stuff.So take my advice and stat studying.Hopefully u'll pass and move on.It is hard but make a schedule and get started.good luck


Thanks for replying - I guess my dilemna is - I don't know my results and its really hard to focus - I have tried studying and I feel burnt when I come across something I think I did wrong in the exam. Any hints on how to get over this?? :?


I am embaressed to say that I am not in a position to give u a better advice , as I cud not make myself to start an continue to study in 4 months.Btw there is no harm in resting and doing some pending tasks till u get ur result(3 -4 weeks).U deserve that after working so hard grin
Ithe feeling of uncertinity u have is perfectly normal. am sure u'll pass but even if God forbid u don't (and I am not saying u wont :? ),ur reading of step 2 wud help for step1 and viceversa..Relax,and star :? t studying as soon as u feel up to it.Even if it is few pages or questions a day.good luck


I would say if you can start studying, start, but I too was not able to study until after I got my step I results. Even then, I wasted another month before studying. I guess my advice is look at your deadlines, and if you are fine, there is nothing wrong with spending a little time off. It will do you good. But if you are approaching a deadline, then you have to get going. Don't worry about step I now. What's done is done. Focus on the next test (easier said than done).


Start, right now! I totally agree with the advice from Himidi and retroviridae. I took the exam on 1/31, and I have been reading IM for 2 days, though not very efficient, but I think that is just normal for begining.
Once you made the decision to practise medicine in the US, it is a dedication! That is the goal, and that means we have to first pass the exams. If one failed one time, just give another try, no other way around. Post exam is an unnecessary worry but very common among most test takers, at least from what I read from this site. I thought about how to deal with it. So, the 2nd day after exam, I did an analysis from recall (65% of Qs, stem, Q and my answer), then I got a "false" impression that it turns on more positive side. this is not accurate, but this "false" result kalm me down and will help me to survive this month. It is true if one get a "false" negative conclusion, the outcome will be different, but think, according to FA, 75% of IMG pass for the first time, so, you have higher chance to get a good one.
Wish best luck for your exam!!


Thanks everyone. So I guess the only thing holding me back is me. Wish I could discipline my mind. Sigh!
I thought I would start reading Obs/Gynae as that might be the farthest from Step 1 but found some q's were from there too. Fortunately, for once I could'nt remember what I answered!!
Is it just me or has the exam really been combining a lot of Step 2 with Step 1. I read a couple of other posts where people had similar experiences.
In the end then, I guess, even if I lose Step 1 , studying for Step 2 should help taking it again.
I am hoping to take Step 2 in beginning June, and if necessary repeat Step 1 in Beginning Aug with the CS immediately after.
Is this a viable plan?
I appreciate the input, thank you.


i agree with the advice given by highly recommended posters here grin they're the masters ie. retroviridae... and they definitely know what they're talking about. i myself took a loooong time off after taking step1 in september. i waited for the results, had a little celebration, then got back to being a wife :wink: then i started studying for step2 at a kaplan center (which was a mistake) in december, and boredom took its toll. i spent more time travelling into space, rather than focusing on the material at hand. tested myself from step1 materials that i acquired awhile back (they're basics anyways. if i forget my basics, i won't have something to build on for step2), and found out that i forgot a lot of things :cry: so now, with kaplan notes, crush the boards, and prescription for the boards, i'm doing a side by side study with the 2005 first aid. may God bless us in our studies! grin


Thank you all, for all the input. I don't know what I would have done without this forum.
I think its just amazing, different people from different places helping each other. I think I'd have gone crazy if I'd had to be tense all by myself!
( I'm still waiting for my result). But now after 3 weeks - I'm more resigned to whatever happens - but I think I have a lot of people to thank on this forum for keeping me going.

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