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 double stranded DNA  

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Which of the following virus families has double stranded DNA in four diffrent isomers?

A) Poxvirus

B) Herpesviruses

C) Rabiesviruses

D) Orthomyxoviruses

E) retroviruses


B) Herpesviruses ?


really confused by this question. Best guess at what the question is asking is which virus goes through 4 different intermediates? Or is it asking which virus family comes in different flavors?

Pox, if I remember correctly, is a dsDNA. Replicates in the cytoplasm though and carries its own virion assoc DNA polymerase.

Herps = dsDNA

Rabies = Rhabdo virus = neg ssRNA. bullet shaped

Orthomyox = Influenza virus = neg ssRNA, 8 segmens

retrovirus = dsRNA

answer = e) retro?


Ans is Herpes virus

It has double strands which is unusual because it has terminal and internal repeat sequences.


imbebo s for you

retroviruses are not dsRNA

they are ssRNA+ with 2 chainswink

i red this in nester cause i ve been confused ..if u look the mmrs retro is ss


I think Herpesviruscool

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