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 Wrote the exam today...  

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Hi... I've frequented this site for a while now but never really found the need to post as you guys give wonderful advice and I'm kinda a rookie. Anyways, I wrote my exam today. And suffice to day, it didn't look good after. My exam was 40% pharmacology and 40% microbiology so all you people out there just beware of the distribution of questions often stated on here. There was very little pathology and almost no BCH, MGB, or Imm. There were a few BS questions and those were insane, Qbank did not help at all. If anyone wants the questions, I'd be willing to share them. I remember a lot of my questions from the exam and so can probably spit it out again. Half my PCL questions were direct mechanisms and another half was pretty insane. I got 3-4 questions that asked for second line antibiotics because the first line failed and I was totally stumped at that point. Additionally, no brachial plexus, instead a lot of muscle attachments. Also, memorize the liver enzyme inducers and suppressors.. 2 questions in total. i think i got 4. Also, blood vessels. I got 3 of those but they were ok. My friend who wrote it with me got a similar exam filled with PCL and MBY as well so it is possible. This was not what we expected as we were kinda hoping for more patho. As for MBY, almost no viruses. Lots of fungi, and insane amounts of bacteria. I made some pretty silly mistakes. MBY is my weakest subject and so I was pretty shocked after. I remember a stretch of 8 PCL questions. and I think a stretch of MBY questions in one block alone. right now, I'm just gonna have to wait and see. I was pretty confident going in but not so much now. Anyways, just thought I'd spread the news around. PCL and MBY can dominate your exam. I never thought I would say this but this was definitely a Step 1 paper with almost no patho.


could you share what you remember?thank you


i really want to know what kind of questions were there?How much anato and muscle insertions?What about fungi?


Picture of fractured shoulder. Picture of dislocated patella upwards.

Picture of puncture to the left side of the lung. WHich muscle affected:

some images of the head... one especially crazy because they had 10 answers to choose from and the labels were all clumped together
many, many mechanisms. a few very obscure drugs unheard of so i kinda took a stab at those. Resistance mechanism in 3 blocks. loved to ask for second line defence antibiotics.
too many to remember. 3 dermatophyton questions. need to know tissue and envt. forms for the systmis fungi and their mode of traqnsmssion.
don't make silly mistakes. i made a few and only realised after i hope it doesn't affect my overall score. Did anyone make really silly mistakes and still did well? I just wanna know cause I made like 5-6 of them and it's killing me.
I'll add more later.


we are forbidden from sharing too much detail so i can only provide you guys with the general idea.


THANKS! smiling face

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