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 Confused: need help deciding Step 2 CS books  

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Hi. I just came across this site recently. Could anyone advise me on which book or books to use for step 2 CS? Thanx Alot ? [/b]


HI my friend

I strongly recommend you to have step 2 CS online course from USMLEWORLD, his videos are just what you need, you can complement it with the book OSCE. practice in your timing cause you only have 15 minutes in each case. 15 days to one month is more than enough to get ready for the test, that is what I used and I passed thank god.

hope it serves


My experience....I used First Aid....prepared less than a week....passed. I think the book is conscise enough and has everything you could need. I had cases STRAIGHT out of it. This of course does not substitute for practicing like george1974 said.

I know people who used OSCE and did well also. I really think its a matter of going to a book store and looking through which one you actually like.

Good Luck,


i also have the same questions like u.. may be we can also help each other out.


Thanks alot george1974mx. I really appreciate it. Congratulations on passing. I will take the CS course online from USMLE WORLD. I dont live in the States. So I dont have all the Step 2 CS books available here in Saudi Arabia. But now that I have some Idea about which book to get. I will arrange it some how to be delivered from the States.

Thanks and GOOD luck.


To 2mbd Thanks alot for your advice. I will incorporate what you and george1974mx wrote about and a book...either First Aid or OSCE...
I have also heard that there is a book from Kaplan you know if that will be helpful too?
Ultimately I want to end up using one book and the online course....

Congratulations and GOOD Luck.


FA and Kaplan should be enough to prepare you for the test. There are also free sites from this forum that has videos of actual physical exams.


hi, i am going to start my step 2 cs preparation as well. thanks for all your suggestions. sounds a lot of people mentioned first aid, usmle world course and kaplan book. could anybody comment on the following books which are listed in this website?

1. Mastering the Objective Structured Clinical Examination and the Clinical Skills Assessment
2. Bates' Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking (Book + CD-ROM)
3. Nms Review for the Clinical Skills Assessment Exam
4. Textbook of Physical Diagnosis: History and Examination
5. Bates' Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking
6. CS Checklists: Portable Review for the USMLE Step 2 CS
7. Lecture Notes on Clinical Skills
8. Pocket Companion for Textbook of Physical Diagnosis

thanks in advance. :lol:


1. Mastering the Objective Structured Clinical Examination and the Clinical Skills Assessment

I used and liked this one so much. I can recommend it. And it has its new 3rd edition specifically prepared for the new CS exam. I t can be more useful than the former one.


thanks a lot. alice 8.


Thank you alice8 for your suggestion.


this test is NOT hard if your English is good and you know basically how they want you to treat patients. I would recommend going for a shorter book like Kaplan or FA. I know we are all scared of failing such an important and expensive test, but if a smaller book is all you need (it is pass/fail after all) then why read the bigger ones and spend so much money???




Thankx retroviridae... My english is ok. but the main problem I guess as an IMG is HOW to and how NOT to deal with the patients..That's where I think the main difference lies between us and them: the doctor and the patient relationship. I think you wil agree.
smiling face

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