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 Credentials verification  

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I am a medical student and I am doing my internship right now. I gave USMLE step 1 on 23rd Dec and since I did not see my score updated after 4 weeks I called up ecfmg. They said my they had sent a letter to my college to verify if I am a student and had not gotten anything back from the college as yet. They said my result will not be released till the college sends the verification papers back.

Has someone else had the same issue too? I am so frustrated because this may mean a delay of another month as ECFMg will send my college another letter and then my college will reply to it. Can someone here recommend how I can expedite this process? I am waiting for my result and i know they have it but won't release it till my credentials are verified.

I thought they only verify ONCE with the college for all the steps and that too after you send them your medical diploma. I did not know they verify for every step and even if you are still a student. I am going to talk to my college staff and see if they reply soon. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has had a similar experience? If yes, what did you do? Any recommendations? Quick workarounds???



Hi! Is this the first time you took a step?

I had the same experience in my step 1. They will send you the score not as soon as they receive your credentials from your school but as soon as they have them verified with their records. You could follow it up with your registrar and make sure they mail it on time. Once you see in the oasis that your credentials have well been verified, your step 1 score should be updated soon.

Also, expect a letter from them telling you that your score is available but they cannot release it yet pending your verifications...etc...same stuff you heard on the telephone.

I had my exam Oct 22, score was reported Nov 17 but released on Dec 14. Yes, it sucks! But it was worth the wait. I'm sure it is for you too.

Good luck and hang in there! :wink:

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