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 Just another medical joke  

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An economics student,a medstudent and a lawstudent were asked to learn the telephone book of their town.
The economicsstudent askedWhat will be my profit of this?
The lawstudent questioned Why should I do this?
and the medstudent just aksed bravelyHow much time have I?


nice one.. very funny. This is really the case. LOL




This is exaclty what sucks about this profession.


P4a99 wrote:
This is exaclty what sucks about this profession.





It's funny! But give the poor guy a break! Can each of us not relate with that? grin


com'on, do you really think reading med books is same as memorizing telephone book???

it depends on your reading/studying style. if you are really interested you can do research and find out the reason behind every concept you read in your med books. once you delve into the depths you will see everything falling into place, all concepts making sense and fitting like a zigsaw puzzle. and if you can't find any links you may discover new links using your intelligence and knowledge. that is science. if newton behaved like he was bound to memorize a telephone book - he wouldn't have had the motivation to really understand why the apple is falling down and not any other way. its unfortunate that med schools mold students into memorizing without thinking.


MEMORIZING a medicel book that you barely understand is pretty similar to MEMORIZING a telephone book or anyother book for that matter.

And when exams are in the fashion of "the more you write the more you get" it just makes everything worse.


bioguy, what you said is the RIGHT way of studying. But how many of us follow that? While taking the MLEs is when I first realized there's a better way to do this, like maybe understand the material! But when you're in med sch, with those zombie topper types [who can forget those!], you just sigh, take a deep breath and dive in! Almost like learned helplessness.


I tried not to do that and I ended up failing. There is no way around it. sticking out tongue


P4a99 wrote:
I tried not to do that and I ended up failing. There is no way around it. sticking out tongue



P4a99 wrote:
I tried not to do that and I ended up failing. There is no way around it. sticking out tongue

of course you dont do that - i mean you dont 'not memorize'. but memorize while thinking. that can make memorizing easy too, and you won't feel like you are memorizing a phonebooksticking out tongue .

provided we have all the time in the worldrolling eyes


Any type of studying or learning has a memorial aspect to it. That is not the problem. The problem is when you have to sit down and memorize 20000 terms 2000 deseases 200 bugs and 20 markers.

In general our profession requires way much more time and memorization than other specialties do.


thats just 22220 items, dude!!! thats a lot easier than a phone book sticking out tongue

btw, why are you crazy about fruits, those too passionate fruits like strawberries, cherries... eh?

going somewhere?


lol! grin A-hem!


It depends on which phone book you are talking about. sticking out tongue

Why are my pictures always picked at? sad


lol! Can someone now come up with a wisecrack about watermelons please? sticking out tonguegrin


melons ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sticking out tonguesticking out tonguesticking out tongue

OH MY GOD !!!!!!


I'd ask where is the Kaplan LN version of that phonebook

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