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 Adrenal gland receives most Mets?  

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Hi there I have a question; I would like to know what this thing which was said
on the first aid book 2002; but then it’s not on the 2003 version of the book; which is kind of normal for the first aid book as its updated yearly…, but any how what I would like to know is this:
On the 2002 version of the First aid book it states that the most common organ receiving metastasis is the adrenal gland then it goes on to say that its due to its blood supply that is rich, Mets first in the medulla and then to the rest of the gland…
It also says that the organ that sends more Mets is the: lung>breast>stomach…
Please can anyone tell me whether this true as it was taken from the 2003 version of the book it is only present on the 2002?
I would really like to know as I am really confused whether I should memorize this fact or not…
Thanks for your time,


The common primary sites are lung, breast, melanoma and kidney.Mets and route of primary is important. depends on direct extension or hematogenous spread.

It should be noted that renal cell carcinoma can involve the adrenal by direct extension, but also by haematogeneous spread, explaining the occurrence of a renal cell carcinoma with a contralateral adrenal metastasis. Hope this helps. ---Desi


Good remark! This looked stranged to me too.The most common site of metastasis is regional lymph node,then the liver.It certainly was a mistake that they took off the 2003 edition.

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