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 A356 Aluminum Castings and Handli  

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A356 aluminum alloy is composed of 92.05% aluminum, 7% silicon, 0.35% magnesium, 0.20% iron, 0.20% copper, 0.10% magnesium and 0.10% zinc. It is lightweight and extremely corrosion resistant like stainless steel. A356 aluminum casting can be used as an alternative to aluminum alloy 6061 casting if desired.

Additional features of the A356:
Usually heat treated to increase strength
very good solderability
Very good mechanical properties, especially heat treated
Low impurity content results in high strength and ductility

T5 & T6 heat treatment
The two heat treatments for A356 are T5 and T6. The T5 process is a simpler option, where the aluminum extruded from the extruder air cools naturally. The T5 treatment results in castings with a hardness of 8-12 on the Webster hardness scale.
On the other hand, the T6 is more complex and requires instantaneous water cooling of the aluminum extruded from the extruder. The benefit of the more complex T6 process is a 12-15 increase in hardness on the Webster hardness scale, as well as other mechanical properties of the casting.

Common industries and applications of A356:
Automotive – Transmissions, Oil Pans, Pumps
Machine made
pump assembly
high speed blower
Enclosures, Covers and Plates


1. The product's uneven tissue properties. Extruded products with uneven surfaces, centres, heads, and tails result from uneven metal flow during extrusion. 2. Click here to get more information, The extrusion die operates in a harsh and vulnerable environment. During the extrusion process, the billet is in a nearly closed state with a high tee pressure. The high temperature and high friction that are frequently delivered to the die during the hot extrusion process have a considerable negative impact on its strength and service life. 3. Ineffective output performance With the exception of the continuous extrusion method created in recent years, continuous manufacturing cannot be accomplished using the regular extrusion method.


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