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"For those who want to say PICA 50,000 times I created this"

I created this: We know its stands for the posterior cerebellar artery involved in Wallenberg syndrome.
Also for urge to eat non nutrient substances like ice and dirt.

1) *P ostless ICA- -int. carotid has no branches in the neck!

2) *{Pct}-Inhibitor Carbonic Anhydrase. /Acetazolamide inh.H2CO3 here.

3) *Parotidis, Parotidis, Pancreatis (acute), Peritonitis.
*Intestinal infarct, Chronic pancreatitis, Aberrant pregnancy(ectopic)
{somewhat specific for amylase}

4) *Progesterone, 11 B hydroxylationof deoxycorticosterone
Corticosterone, Aldosterone.
{remember alphabetically after cholesterol the lone comes before the
rone} and 11 stands for the I in PICA! [mineralcorticoid pathway]

5) *Probenicid- Indomethacin-Colchicine-Allopurinol. ------------------------------------------------------------ This one I wont
explain, someone can specifically mention when its correct to use each
med in "Rich man disease"-hint:needle shape negatively birefringent

:idea: :shock:


PROBENECID: uricosuric -->use in chronic hyperuricemia
INDOMETHACIN: acute gout
COLCHICINE: acute gout
ALLOPURINOL : xantin oxidase inhibitor -->use in chronic gout to decrease synthesis of uric acid


Colchicine can also be used to aid in diagnosis of gout.

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