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 Internal Medicine Match Experiences  

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Proposed by forum members, this topic is for posting interviews and matching experiences for Internal Medicine Residency Programs.

The suggested list may include the following information:

Graduation School: IMG/US applicant:

Graduation year:

Visa Status (IMGs):

- USMLE Scores
- ECFMG Certification
- USCE (US Clinical Experience):
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation):
- Research/Publications:
- Work Experience:

Applications (preliminary/categorical):


Prematch offers:

Matched at:

Suggestions welcomed!

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IMG from India
Graduated in 2002
No visa needed
USMLE scores: 98/99/passed (got all but 3 interviews with only step I score reported)
5 months of USCE as a 4th year elective clerkship
several publications/presentations
3 years as a research fellow at a medical school

Applied to ~50 categorical programs:

Interviews at:

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
Methodist Hospital, Dallas
Austin Medical Education Program, Austin
UTMB, Galveston
UT-San Antonio
Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas

Drexel, Philly

Wright State, Dayton
University Hospitals of Cleveland/Case Western
MetroHealth/Case Western, Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic

New York:
Long Island College
Nassau University
Winthrop University, Mineola
St. Vincents

U Nebraska

Washington Univeristy, St. Louis

St. John's, Detroit

St. Elizabeth, Boston
U Mass, Worcester

Harbor Hospital, Baltimore
Sinai/Johns Hopkins, Baltimore
Prince George Hospital Center, Prince George

U Kansas, Kansas City

U Hawaii, Honolulu

Prematch offers from:
University Hospitals of Cleveland/Case Western
Cleveland Clinic
Prince George Hospital Center

Accepted prematch at:
University Hospitals of Cleveland/Case Western Reserve University


IMG from Mexico
Graduated in 2002
USMLE scores 97/97/passed
3 months USCE as a 4th year elective clerkship
1 US LoR
1 home country clinical research/No publications
2 years of work experience in home country (preventive medicine in a tertiary care training hospital)

Applied to 62 categorical programs
Interviews at:

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
Texas Tech, Lubbock
Texas Tech, El paso

LSU Shreveport

Emory University

University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital
Cleveland Clinic Florida

Marshall University

St Lukes Hospital (Bethlehem)

Rochester General Hospital
MSSM/Queens Hospital
MSSM/Englewood Hospital
SoundShore New Rochelle

Yale University/Bridgeport Hospital
Danbury Hospital

Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati
Canton Medical Education Foundation/NEOUCOM

Indiana University School of Medicine

Cook County
University of Illinois at Peoria

St. Louis University
St. John�s Mercy Medical Center

Prematch offers from:
Yale University/Bridgeport Hospital
Texas Tech, El Paso
Danbury Hospital

Prematch accepted at:

Matched at:
Indiana University School of Medicine.


graduated 1997. Img Argentina
needs H1
did pediatrics residency in my country
Applied only in Miami
Interviews at Miami Children's Hospital
JMH Miami


Graduation School: IMG from Romania

Graduation year: 1998

Visa Status (IMGs): GC holder

- USMLE Scores: 99/88/passed
- ECFMG Certification: yes
- USCE (US Clinical Experience): 1 month extenship FP Arrowhead Colton
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation): 3 (one from US doctor)
- Work Experience: 3 years in Romania

Applications 87 FP and IM (categorical) programs; (most IM)

- Loma Linda Univ, CA
- Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, CA
- Maricopa Medical Center, Pheonix, AZ
- East Tennessee Univ, Jhonson City, TN
- Drexel Univ, Phili, PN
- Wright State Univ, Dayton, OH
- Kalamazoo Med. Center, Kalamazoo, MI
- Univ of North Dakota, Fargo ND,
- St Marry Med Center, San Francisco, CA
- Las Vegas Univ Program, Las Vegas, NV
- Charles Drew Univ, Los Angeles, CA
- Arrowhead Med Center, Colton CA (FP program)

Cancelled Invitations:
- Suny Downstate, Brooklin, NY
- St John's Mercy Med Center, St Louis, MO
- St Luke's Hospital Program, St Louis, MO
- William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI
- Caritas Carney Hospital, Dorchester, MA

Prematch offers:
- Univ of North Dakota, Fargo ND,
- Maricopa Medical Center AZ
- Charles Drew, CA

Matched at: Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, CA

All Applications:
87 Program(s) Applied To

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Graduation School: IMG, Indonesia

Graduation year: 2002

Visa Status (IMGs): Need visa

- USMLE Scores 95/95/88
- ECFMG Certification certified
- USCE (US Clinical Experience): 2 weeks of externship at Robert J. Dole VA hospital, Wichita, Kansas
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation): all from Indonesian doctors
- Research/Publications: 1 undergraduate research publication
- Work Experience: 4 mo at some small clinic

Applications (preliminary/categorical): 62 IM categorical programs (can't remember them)

St. Barnabas NY, St. Vincent hospital Worcester MA, Michael Reese IL, Texas Tech amarillo, Kansas University at wichita, St. Francis hospital IL, Rochester General Hospital, Howard U DC, University of Hawaii, Hurley MI, Mount Sinai North General hospital and Queens, lastly Johns Hopkins at sinai hospital

Prematch offers: KUSM at Wichita program

Matched at:


Useful resources include - overview of the process. - provides reviews of programs by residents in them.

US News best hospital list:

FREIDA online - describes the attributes of programs.


FMG, year graduated 2003, need H1b/J1
92/96/88, no USCE, no USLOR, 1 year internship in home country

Applied to 30 IM Categorical Programs, 10 interviews, 3 prematch offers

Accepted prematch offer after 6 interviews, cancelled the rest


95/98/ECFMG certif/80/ 1 mo USCE/applied for H-1 only/grad 2003 /1 yr of postgrad practice

70programs applied /16interviews /attended 13/ submitted 11/ declined 1 prematch offer/ matched

lesson learned: research better the programs that you apply, web data often is not updated.the're so many good programs that we just cant know over the net!! and prepare better for the interviews.


IMG , green card holder, No USCE, No US LOR.

Graduated 2003.

1 year clinical and research experience in my homecountry but no publications.

Scores 215/87 in both step 1 and 2, first attempt smiling face

ECFMG certified, possess PTAL (california letter) with NO defficiencies.

Applied only in California to 35 programs (categorical). Got 10 interviews without the PTAL which I got a little later/ranked 5 programs.

Matched at my #1 : Internal Medicine, Santa Barbara grin


I Just wanted to thank bbb and everyone else for all your help and advice :for keeping the professionalism of the forum,and also the humor and suspense(w.r.t.bbb's location.HE HE HEHE) and wanted to congratulate all the candidates who have matched.
If it can help someone :my credentials:
90/91/passed Cs(all 1st attempt)/GC holder/ECFMG certified at time of application/2005 graduate/IMG/no USCE/applied to 32 programs received 18 interview/ interviewed at 16 /was offered prematch at 2nd program(4 weeks after the interview),accepted 2 weeks later.

Examwise:did self study for both steps ,appeared for step 1 and 2 during internship(took 2 months off to study for step 1 and studied during internship for step 2 and studied for 1 month for CS.....)(Do i feel that I coulld have scored better if I had taken longer time to study? Well personally I feel I got what I wanted where I wanted ,And didnt waste too many years after graduation.Would I have been in a better position next year with maybe better scores,USCE ..i dont know. )

just to give my suggetions based on my experience about the interview....
Prepare well with common questions ,be punctual,,but relax during the interview,I felt that the interview was a wonderful experience .Just be yourself.Just enjoy it,AND I MEAN THAT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.JUST ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE FOR THE EXAMS ,MATCH AND RESIDENCY. grin


i am img from india.2003grad.scores95/99/86.did 1 month observership .need h1 visa.matched at gunderson luthern ,lacrosse,wisconsin.


Graduation School: IMG from Pakistan

Graduation year: 2002

Visa Status (IMGs): needs visa specially H1b

- USMLE Scores , 99/99/92/ECFG certified when applied in first week of sept
- ECFMG Certification yes
- USCE (US Clinical Experience):2 months of USCE as an observer
- LORs (Letters of Recommendation): 5, 1 uslor, other from my school
- Research/Publications: Reearch experince but not any publication

- Work Experience: more than 2 years of internal medicine residency from home country.

Applications (preliminary/categorical): All in catergorical IM

Interviews: applied to 47 hospital, invitation from 17

attend all

Cook Count, Micheal rees, St francis,il, st josep il, UIUC,Jewish hospital cincinati,Sunny Buffalo ny,Rochester general hospital ny, interfaith ny, Englewood nj, wsu detroit, UT houston, Ut memphis, East tennesee state university tn, Creighton University, University of North dakota,Griffin hospital ct,

Prematch offers: From interfaith, englwood, north dakota, st francis, didn't accept any

Matched at:
Creighton University.


89/96/certified/gc. applied to 42 im programs, got 13 calls, attended all.ranked all, matched at my no. 4 choice.........nassau univ med center,east meadow,ny


here is my situation:

1) IMG (Mexico)

2) J1

3) 2003

4) 85/87

5) 1 year externship(Private practice) USA/2 months observership comunity hospital USA / 6 months volunteer University hospital USA/research 1 year(my country)
3 lords from USA

6) 100

7) 17 ivs

8) Prematch IM

9) Chicago ILL.

Hopefully help to the people how is going to apply next year .




2. US Citizen

3. 2004

4.77(2nd attempt)/78/cs passed

5. USCE(volunteer work)/ 2 US LORS

6. Number of places applied: 81

7. Places interviewed: 10

8. Prematches got- 1(declined)

9. Texas (my #1)!


5)1 month observership/no us lor
6)applied 43
7)7 interviews.attended 6
8)matched at no 2 choice---Henry ford hospital Internal Medicine Categ
9)lot of thanx to all on this forum...cudnt have made it without all the help...tthanks a lot guys!





4.step 1=85 step 2=90 cs pass all first attempt step 3 =yet to take

5. 1 yr primary track observership/1 USLOR

6. 149 progms in int med applied to

7. total intvs=23 , attended 15 ranked 14 UT @houston, mercer univ school @ macon, med college of [email protected] augusta, maimonides, marshall univ, new [email protected],richmond [email protected] island, mt sinai elmhurst, coney island hosp.,LICH,st [email protected],flushing , brookdale univ

8. was offered 1 [email protected] LICH brooklyn--refused the offer

9. MATCHED AT ut HOUSTON-----MY FIRST CHOICEsmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face


Jinx wrote:
5)1 month observership/no us lor
6)applied 43
7)7 interviews.attended 6
8)matched at no 2 choice---Henry ford hospital Internal Medicine Categ
9)lot of thanx to all on this forum...cudnt have made it without all the help...tthanks a lot guys!

Why couldn't you get a US LOR if you did an observership? Where did you do it?





4.STEP 1 87 ,STEP 2 94, CS PASS

5.Apllied to 36 programs: 8 med/peds,18 im,10 peds

6.No usce. did about 5-6 months externship in a private clinic. 4us lors.

7.Got 17 interviews. 3 med/peds, 4 peds, 10 im. Attended 13.

8.No prematches.Didn't actually wished for one.

9.Matched to my in NJ.

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