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 herpes q?  

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which topical microbicide is a good antiviral activity against both ACV resistant and ACV susceptible strains of HSV-1 and HSV-2?


chose between:


Can you guess it? 8)


correct answer:

topical vidarabine - for eye infections


this time from Chicago USA

Antiviral activity of Viracea against acyclovir
susceptible and acyclovir resistant strains of herpes
simplex virus.

Thompson KD.

Department of Pathology, The University of Chicago
Medical Center, IL 60637, USA.

Viracea, a topical microbicide, is a blend of
benzalkonium chloride and phytochemicals derived from
Echinacea purpurea and is a proprietary formula from
Destiny BioMediX Corp. Viracea was tested against 40
strains of herpes simplex virus (HSV): 15 strains
(five HSV-1 and ten HSV-2) were resistant to acyclovir
(ACV-R) and 25 strains (13 HSV-1 and 12 HSV-2) were
susceptible to ACV (ACV-S). The median ED50 of Viracea
for the five ACV-R strains of HSV-1 was a 1:100
dilution of the drug with a range of 1:50-1:400. The
median ED50 of Viracea for the ten ACV-R strains of
HSV-2 was 1:200 with a range of 1:50-1:3200. For the
ACV-S strains of HSV-1 and HSV-2, the median ED50 of
Viracea was 1:100 and 1:200, respectively. The
cytotoxicity of Viracea was evaluated in a standard
neutral red dye uptake assay in human foreskin
fibroblasts. The cytotoxicity of Viracea approached
only 50% at the highest concentration of the drug
tested, a 1:2 dilution, indicating that Viracea is
non-toxic in this cell cytotoxicity assay. Although
the active component(s) in Viracea that has anti-HSV
activity is not known, it appears that this extract
has good antiviral activity against both ACV resistant
and ACV susceptible strains of HSV-1 and HSV-2


dear helpinhunnythruit,

where do you get all these loo loo studies :roll: ? Are they done by real doctors with medical diplomas 8) ? "cause they kind of get in serious conflict with what we would learn so hard in med schools and further on. I don't actually deny the important role played by alternative medicine, but isn't it a bit too much to let us know about studies that cannot be proven correct in any way?. How can you possibly verify if the amount of information there is actually accurately reproducible?. For instance, if I intend some day to do the same study to see if the results are really matching, can I actually find subjects crazy enough to take garlic tablets or any other weird medications just to test one of my wild theories. I believe that the studies which you presented us are a bit out of the common medical world we live and work in.
I don't say that you should not post such studies any longer, just try to process the information contained in them first and then calmly and rationally ask yourself if they are indeed applicable in any way.

Hope you understand me grin .

Medicine is based on facts :idea: .


do you suspect that maybe there might be the remote chance that on your test you will be asked some question(s) which are or will be pertaining to vitamins,herbs or alternative medicines?

don't be shocked it has been reported that these questions do turn up!

and what I have posted are from the National Library of Medicine

,............would that qualify as medical facts?


dear helpinhunnythruit

I did not enocunt any sinlge test about herbals or any other things like that in step 1 & 2CK grin . So, I strongly believe that this part of medical sciences is actually rarely tested if ever 8) . That's why I am not worried a pin about that 8) . As for step 2CS, which I am going to give quite soon, you could actually hardly find a pt. telling you about such goo goo stuff :lol: .

Pls understand that the common diseases are commonly encounted in your medical office and that you must know first how to treat the common conditions respecting the well known therapeutical regimens mentioned in the medical textbooks :idea: . If you are however sued because you wrongly treated a person, it will be only bacause you did not follow precisely the standard treatment :wink: . Nobody will ask you whether you prescribed herbals or sth like that or not :roll: . They will judge you according to the very management standards presented in medical books :wink: .

Hope you understand that.

Sorry if I don't believe in such studies :cry: . I've studied very hard for the steps and I find it unbelievably difficult to accept sth. without strong scientific basis sad .


if nothing else maybe a mutual respect for those who practice and use alternative medicine which- IS NOT loo loo or goo goo or whatever you may want to call it, label it have a negative opinion or remark about it, roll eyes to and rise brows to.
There is MUCH strong support for the healing arts -scientific and clinical studies again and again prove it-thousands of case studies- and these people went through school and have earned degrees JUST like you
so your test did not include such questions
great- that does not mean that these types of questions are not /have not or will not be asked

they have shown up on others

it is just amazing, after all alot of medicine is derived from plants- you do know that correct?

It is not a bunch of whodo, voodoo, folklore, talisman nor tribesman
not everything is manufactured in a beaker in a lab pal.
The pharm co's will love you and make much profit off your little signature on a pad- they will line up and be in your waiting room, jumping and banking on the fact that you are going to make them money- and of course we don't have to worry about side effects do we? that is not our problem is it?

but out of respect of your negative comments I will not post anymore questions pertaining to medicine that comes from PLANTS that have been proven to work and help

here is a wonderful testimony though--
my own, my fathers and my grandfathers

I was exposed to solvents highly toxic, cancer agents and cancer causing.
When I went to a specialist a neuro sp from India after I had bouts with memory loss, neuro damage, black outs, violent vomiting, and feeling brain fog this went on for months-
he told me to my face with much shock I heard these words- he had no time for me- I guess he had time to come to America and make money didn't he?, first of all I think he should have been deported, and second of all I looked at him and said " ok then since you don't have time to do your job- why don't you take your little degree off the wall- close the doors and go get a real job that you can do and have time for!- Your a doctor I am a paitent and in need of help- help me!!"
that and many doctors later and try this- and see if this works- no avail

what I did know was that I had toxins in my body- so I decided to do a cleansing and a natural- yes there is that word again- liver flush
I also went to Philippine Islands, I had heard that the mango fruit there was high in antioxidents- as soon as I ate one my body responded- my body craved this things I ate as many as I could consume in a day for 3 weeks- that and being in a tropical sun sweating out poisons from my body- when I came back to the states I felt so much better,that did far more for me than any doctor I saw and what the insurance company spend in thousands of dollars.
I am not dismissing doctors or medicines I am just saying what the facts are

my father--
had heart problems his heart skipped a beat every 13 or 14 beats- there is much more to the story
but in short- he heard about ginseng, and bought much of it ate it, boiled it into tea, drank it consumed alot of it.
the next trip to the doctor after a hugh stack of paper from a graph chart of a EKG machine the doctor finally turned off the machine and asked him
"what have you been doing? I know the medicine I gave you did not do this" my father smiled and walked out the door- healthy and strong

my grandfather--
a simple man, had 12 children 10 boys and 2 girls, was a farmer lived on a mountain,well respected in the community. Every year he went out and picked his "bitters and herbs" brewed a concoction which he made into a tea from such things as slippery elm bark, yellow root, blood root , many other things - and added a little whiskey in each jar to preserve it :wink: - and drank a glass everyday

He was not sick A DAY in his life- the only time he saw a doctor was to get a tooth pulled- and in his 70's out working in the farm- he exhausted his boys- strong men, ran them into the ground in his 70's I said!! They could not keep up with this 70+ year old healthy man, and he would outwork them EVERYDAY And then up early in the morning to do it again
I suppose that little tonic had absolutley nothing to do with his well being

again I ask that you have some respect for things that have/do and shall work
even though you yourself do not practice it- or was even asked about on your test

please understand I respect your positon and I am just presenting things that have and are effective- and to anyone who reads this I am not arguing nor being disrepectful

wishing you well in the path you trod
respectfully helpin--


agree with you. at least partially smiling face .

I didn't mean to make you write such a long paragraph, but it seems you are a very good writer grin .

As for your relatives, it's very nice they could have been cured with only the help of herbs. Maybe we'll not need docs one day :wink: . Mayble all diseases will be successfully cured with the aid of non-traditional medicine and maybe the medicine we would learn so hard and which becomes more and more cmplex every day will not be needed in future 8) .

Anyway, since more and more people tend to have a negative attitude towards doctors, maybe it's about time for us to quit studying medicine and to begin giving our pts. herbs. Maybe they will work better than traditionally used medications 8) .

Don't worry - I myself use herbs now and then. But I would never dare giving them to may pts. as a substitute of traditional drugs without their firm, written acceptance and without having explained them in minute details about their positive effects and possiible side effects.

Unfortunately here, most of the patients are counseled by strong and famous lawyers that, in case of a sue, will hunt you down with the medical textbook in their hands :wink: . And believe me, it's actually very unpleasant and risky to be sued here, since the sums you have to pay can be very very high :cry: . And few docs can actually afford that.

Don't want to storm your mind. Just to make a point in our discussion :o .


I hope to see you in Philly in Feb good luck with the exams

and it will be nice to get out of Romania I am sure, that is what I presume hereis

and here it is much more worse with lawsuits and , malpractice suit insurance esp in the state of PA

but I do wish you well, and I am glad that you take a few herbs yourself

and I don't think we have to worry about not studying and being negative towards doctors :wink:


ok, tnx man. you are ok. I foresee a brightful career for you in medical sciences.
yes, maybe we'll see each other once in the us. that if I have time, since I will be busy with learning activities most of the time. But if I can, I will find there some mins off to chat a bit.
see you and good luck pal.

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