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 A 10-month-old male infant is brought to  

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A 10-month-old male infant is brought to the emergency department on a sweltering day in June. He is listless, cranky, and “floppy as a dishrag.” He has no hair or teeth. Over the past 2 weeks, he has not smiled, babbled, rolled over, sat up, or attempted to stand. The mother says that both she and her son cannot tolerate heat and that she has always had thin hair and still has some baby teeth. Which of the following skin structures is most likely to be absent or greatly decreased in number in the mother and the child?
) Langerhans’ cells
) Merkel’s cells
) Pacinian corpuscle
) Sebaceous glands
) Sweat glands


Answer -E


can u tell me which disorder are we talking about? :roll:



are we dealing with cystic fibrosis ?????????-typical intolerence to heat in first year life.

extreme cases- manifest as shock,typical description of leathry skin,dry,listless,
hairloss-chronic malnutrition due to pancreatic insuffiency,may be associated liver fibrosis .

infants -failure to thrive-delayed all milestones

decreased no of sweat glands - I think functionally these glands are decreased as they are blocked by thick secreation-anatomically whether their number is decreased-I am not sure.

Deepak :wink:

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