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can anyone tell 5 points of difference between type1 and 2 muscle fibers?


I'm not sure if its me or the nomenclature,but I always see muscle divided into (smooth, cardiac or skeletal) or(red and white)


type I RED.- has high concentration of mioglobin, many mitochondrias, uses aerobic glycolisis, it s speed of contraction is slow

Type II.- WHite


White--large mass per motor unit, high ATPase,(fast muscle),anaerobic glycolysis, low myoglobin, eg.a sprinter or EOM of the eye.
less efficient.

Red--small mass per motor unit,low ATPase activity, aerobic,mitochondria is more efficient, high myoglobin (red color)


Type I is for maintaining posture and tension and wt. aerobic...uses fatty acids.....has lots of mitochondria = red color, and is slow to fatigue.

Type II is for quick anaerobic....uses glycogen....very few mitochondria = white color, and fatigues rapidly.

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