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 1 ton electric winch sent from  

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We recently completed an order for electric winches from the Philippines. Our crane factory sent a photo of the electric winch sent to the Philippines, and today we will share this case with you. If you need to customize electric winches or other types of lifting equipment, you can contact us. Our sales managers and factory technicians will definitely design crane products that satisfy you.

1 ton electric winch in crane factory in China
1 ton electric winch for sale Philippines1 ton electric winch for sale Philippines1 ton electric winch for sale Philippines

Besides electric winch, Dongqi offers types of cranes, hoist, and other lifting equipment. If you need any hoist or crane, please feel free to contact us.

Application of electric winches in the Philippines
Customers in the Philippines do not have a lot of demand for electric winches. However, due to its own characteristics, the winches have good uses in some special fields, so occasionally they will be ordered by customers in the Philippines.

The electric winches is an important part of the lifting vertical transportation machinery, and is used with auxiliary equipment such as well (gate) frame, mast, and pulley block to lift materials and install equipment.

It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low cost of use, and high reliability.

Lifting heavy objects is one of the main functions of the electric winches, so the design of all kinds of electric winches is based on this requirement.

In the construction machinery market in the Philippines, although tower cranes and truck cranes have replaced part of the work of electric winches, due to the high cost of tower cranes, they are used in large-scale projects and have poor flexibility. Therefore, small and medium-sized projects are still widely used electric winches in general

Although the car crane is flexible and convenient, it is too expensive to be widely used in engineering, so most of the equipment installation is still undertaken by the electric winches

In addition to being widely used in engineering and equipment installation, winches are also widely used in metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, hydropower, agriculture, military and transportation industries.

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