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 last few days.. and a often asked question.  

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I am 5 days away from my test. I just did Nbme and got a score i can live with =). Anyways, I've decided that rather than spend my last few days reading through hundreds of pages of notes, I would be best served by concentrating on the weak areas that nbme pointed out (skin, blood, were weakest for me) I went to the website and printed out their topic outlines for those subjects, and plan to make sure i know those listed (and some not). Is this an effective strategy or would I be better served with just blasting through some review book/first aid?


Hi Adeelmd,

when is your exam and what was your score?
Mine is on the 20th and I got 570 on NMBE1 1 week ago... But I'm not sure if I can trust this, or it was just a fluke... :?
I'm getting really nervous...
Anyway best of luck,


mine is on the 21 and i got the exact same score last monday... it correlates exactly to my qbank cum (71% on qbank 570/800 on nbme) so i think it is accurate (even it is "technically not a percentage)... I'm realizing i did do some stupid mistakes on it.. so hopefully form 2 will be a lil better. Did you get that question with the freeze fracture of a half circle thing???!?! i can't find that anywhere... anyways be happy! the way I see it, a 99 is MUCH closer than an 89... so shoot for the stars!!!

that line in first aid about "not to rely on the detailed syllabus" provided by the usmle is kind of changing my mind on how to proceed... so i'm kinda of combing the "read the book" and studying selected topics...


Hi Adeelmd,

Thanks for the encouragment! I think it a great way to look at it!
99 is much closer!!! (But do you know what? Sometimes I reach the point when I think I would be happy even with 76... :oops: )

Anyway, yeah I got that wird stuff, too. I think it's all the same for everyone.. But I have never seen that before... nothing even similar...
I would guess that might be some junction... hemidesmosome... I don't know... I think that was one of those few questions when I just guessed...
What do you think?
I actually even made notes while I was taking the test so that I can check the weak topics again...
Funny, you have mentioned in one of your former posts that skin and connective tissue was your weakest field, right?... Mine was the same...

Anyway, I'm in the finalé ,running out of time so I won't try nmbe2 rather go through biochem again and a little behav, pharma... Sometimes I have hard time remembering the drug-names... it must be ageing... :wink:

Best of luck, and let me know how nmbe2 went.

PS: Is it going to be your very first usmle or you're already done with step2?
For me it's gonna be totally new, my very first standardized test ever, since we only have oral presentations or essays in school in my country...


we should definitely get in touch.... I picked hemidesmosomes too, but those would have tonofilaments coming out of it, so i think it was the wrong answer.
this is gonna be my first usmle.. I'm going to combine the Usmle cd and nbme 2 to make a "pseudo 7 block exam) either tommorrow or saturday.... four days away i find it very hard to sleep.... so i'm just praying it all works out somehow...

well at this point, there's not much we can do... except for study, study, study... =)


I agree we sould definitely get or at least keep in touch!
(actually are you in the states? I'm in the Boston metro area on the east coast...)
Anyway, If you wanna do the pseudo-7block test (I think it really a great idea, and very creative too!) so I tink the earlier the better... Do not exhauste yourself over your limits... If you know what I'm talking about... Try to get enough sleep, rather than studying 2 more pages... I used to sit up all night long before my exams, but I think you can't do that prior to the usmle because it's not just a test of your knowledge it's also a test of your stamina, and endurance... So try to keep yourself in the best shape!
Eg: take a little walk everyday! (This was actually my fiancé`s "command" to me but it works... It relaxes me and also refreshes! Of course now it's getting freezeing cold here but it still feels great! :wink: )

So let me know how it goes with the 2nd nmbe!
I did the first block on the usmle cd and I got 43/50...
I have decided to do 1 block /day and go through the answers carefully...
And I have also decided to take off Sunday's afternoon and do some Xmas shopping, you know go downtown, and just get some distraction...
Your brain needs break and REM sleep to synthetize all the info!!!
Do not forget this!!!

So take it easy... <:smile:>
Probably go to a movie tonight and go to bed right after it to see if you can get a good night sleep, because probably that is the most important thing right now!

Take care!


around 4:00pm this evening everyone in my house (including me) started geting a runny nose with fever so the day is pretty much shot... I wanted to finsh micro today but all I've managed to is get through fungal... (btw, fingal is the MOST high yeild subject there is... meaning 10 pages, and at least three questions, the littlest reading for the biggest gain) IT'S SO GREAT TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY DOING THINGS OTHER THAN STUUDYING!!!... Man, I watched an hour of tv today and started to feel so guilty.... screw it.. i need to relax, chug some nyquil and go to sleep before 2am (i hope...) .. I'm in New York; just counting the days till i get this over with....

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