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 What is investing in securities  

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Investing in stocks is like a deposit in a bank, but at higher interest rates and less protected from bankruptcy. You invest in securities - company stocks or bonds.

A share is a security that gives you ownership. When you buy a share in a company, you are buying a very small share of that company. You can sell a share when its value rises, or you can receive a share of the company's profits for a certain period.

A bond is a debt security on which the state or the company that issued this bond undertakes to return the money invested and pay you some interest in the future.

It's almost like passive income: you don't have to work long hours to make a profit. However, firstly, in order to invest on the most favorable terms, you need to study the market a lot. And secondly, you need to understand that you can both earn a million on investing and lose it in a matter of minutes if the purchased shares fall in price.


Hello, there is a specially organized financial platform - the stock exchange. This is where companies list their shares for sale. However, you cannot buy shares there directly: those are the rules. You must have an intermediary - a bank, an investment company or a broker. A broker is like a realtor, but in the market of financial assets. If anyone is interested, here is more information about it.


Investment is a separate world. You need to know a lot of important information to start investing. It seems to many that it is very simple, but it is not like that. I realized this only when I started investing. At first, I knew absolutely nothing. I believe that everything is simple. I also failed many times, but I followed the correct steps, and by the end, I had a fairly large passive income. The source from which you get tips about investments is very important. My main source was, and I am very happy because that was my path to success.

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Now the most important thing for many people is to make money. But not many people know that with Staking you can even get essentially passive income and this is one of the best methods right now. So you can read more about it here to know better. I hope you will find it useful and will be able to understand this option of passive income.


Investment strategies abound. The average investor can look to indexing, or modern portfolio theory to generate returns, they can buy options, derivatives, bonds, or ETFs. The ways to make money in the market are endless, however, one method - a popular strategy first implemented in the 1970s and 1980s holds our particular interest today. microcap biotech stocks


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