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 The ways of eworming chickens  

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Deworming method:
1.In the process of first-line treatment, we often classify them into one category. Now the levamisole and other anthelmintics on the market can achieve very good prevention and control effects.

2.For free-range chickens, deworming starts at about 50 days of age. At this time, the chickens have basically been cold, and it is easy to ingest the eggs in the free-range state. At this time, the first deworming will begin. After the first deworming, 7 days later, another deworming will be carried out to ensure that the eggs in the chicken body will regenerate adults and be killed more thoroughly.

3.In the future, deworming will be performed every 40 days or so. This kind of flock will be healthier and grow evenly in the later period, and the farmers will reduce a lot of unnecessary damage.

4.Tobacco leaves repelling chicken insects: Feeding chickens with tobacco leaves soaked in water can repel chicken roundworms and chicken tapeworms. The method is: take an appropriate amount of yellow tobacco leaves, dry and crush them, add 2 kg of water to 1 kg of tobacco leaves and soak for one day and night, and wait until the tobacco leaves are reddish-brown in water. Be careful not to feed the chickens 14 hours before feeding the tobacco powder. For the first 4 hours, you can feed 2 spoons of 1% salt water and an appropriate amount of water. Then, fill each chicken with 5 ml of tobacco powder, 3 days apart, and then feed according to the above method. A few times, it can get rid of chicken roundworms and chicken tapeworms.

Treatment measures:
For roundworms and nematodes, use albendazole ivermectin powder and mix it evenly with the feed according to the usual amount. Allow chickens to eat or drink freely. The effect of taking the medicine on an empty stomach is better. This method has ideal deworming effect and is safe. During the deworming of chickens, the feces of the chickens should be cleared in time and accumulated and fermented to kill the eggs. At the same time, thoroughly clean and disinfect the chicken house, utensils, and grounds.

Deworming chickens
In addition, in order to prevent the occurrence of chicken parasitic diseases, we must pay attention to the management of the environmental sanitation of the chicken house. When medication, we must choose a wide range of deworming drugs. Try to use small doses that can be used for group deworming to prevent the worms from developing resistance. Sex, improve insecticidal effect.

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