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 Electric hoist sold to Belgium  

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Data from China Customs shows that Belgium imported electric hoists worth US$5.763 million and manual hoists worth US$1.234 million from China in 2021, accounting for 61% of the total import value of various types of cranes from China in 2021 of US$11.455 million. The import value of electric hoists and manual hoists was US$3.008 million and US$1.33 million in 2020. Although the world is still suffering from the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, does the increase in Belgium’s imports of electric hoists from China herald a gradual recovery of the Belgian economy? We don’t know. As an excellent crane supplier in China, we always take responsibility for our customers in our hearts. As long as it is customer demand, we can do our best to meet it.

In order to better help Belgian customers understand our products, this article will introduce the types of electric hoists we can provide to Belgium, and explain the working environment and technical parameters of different hoists. If you are interested in our products, you can click here to contact us, or tell us by Email: [email protected]

Types of electric hoists sold by Dongqi Hoist to Belgium
MD1 Double Speed Electric Hoist for Belgium
Md1 Double Speed Electric Hoist

Double speed electric hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment, which is installed on the single girder, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes for material handling. As one of the commonly used material handling equipment, the double speed electric hoist is usually used in factory, mining, railway, port, and storage, etc.

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CD1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Belgium
Cd1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric wire rope hoist is a type of material handling equipment, installed on a single beam crane, linear curve strander beams or it can be used at the hoisting mechanism of double beam crane, gantry crane, linear crane for material handling by industrial and mining enterprises, railways, and warehouses, etc. The lifting capacity of single speed electric wire rope hoist is 0,5 to 32 ton and the working class is M3 and M4

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European Electric Hoist for Belgium
European electric hoist

European wire rope electric hoist is a newly developed material handling equipment with advanced design technology according to the FEM standards and other regulations. The new serial of wire rope electric hoist is environment-friendly, energy saving and cost-effective which ranks top among similar products. The lifting capacity of the European wire rope electric hoist is 1 to 80 tons and the working class is M5 and M6. Customized European wire rope electric hoist are available.

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Electric Chain Hoist for Belgium
15 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment for material handling. Electric chain hoist is mainly consisted of motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheel, etc. Electric chain hoists from DQCRANES have the features of beautiful outlook, solid durability, and international technology, etc. The inside gears of electric chain hoist are hot quenched which increases the wear resistance of the gear and toughness. The lifting capacity of electric chain hoist is 0.5 to 35 ton, and the working class is M3 or M4

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Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Belgium
Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Low headroom electric hoist is transformed from CD / MD electric hoist. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, lifting single, double speed, high effective lifting stroke and stable operation. It has wide application range, especially in new factory buildings. The height of the trip can reduce the height of the building and reduce the construction cost.

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Manual Chain Hoist / Chain Block for Belgium
Manual Chain Hoist

Manual chain hoist / chain block is one of the most economical material handling equipment with features of hand operation, simple structure, cost-effective, widely application, etc. What’s more, the spark resistant features, such as, stainless steel, bronze hooks, chains, wheels, etc are available to manual chain hoist / chain block. The lifting capacity of manual chain hoist / chain block is 0.5 to 100 ton

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Types of electric hoists sold to Belgium
2 ton Manual Lever Chain Hoist for sale to Belgium
Lifting weight: 2 tons
Lifting height: 12 meters
Working voltage: 380/3/50
Electric Lift Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley on H Steel Beam for sale to Belgium
Lifting weight: 5 tons
Lifting height: 9 meters
Working voltage: 380/3/50
Heavy Duty 30 ton Electric Chain Hoist for sale to Belgium
Lifting weight: 30 tons
Lifting height: 100 meters
Working voltage: 380/3/50
5 Ton Steel Wire Rope Electric Hoist for sale to Belgium
Lifting weight: 5 tons
Lifting height: 15 meters
Working voltage: 380/3/50
2 Ton Single Speed Wire Rope Electric Hoist for sale to Belgium
Lifting weight: 2 tons
Lifting height: 10 meters
Working voltage: 380/3/50
How to customize electric hoist from China
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you want to customize a electric hoist, you can leave a message on the website or Email: [email protected] , tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you

Electric hoist sold to Belgium


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