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 Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope H  

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Low Headrooom Electric Hoist Overview
The low headroom electric hoist is transformed from CD / MD electric wire rope hoist. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, lifting single, double speed, high effective lifting stroke and stable operation. It has wide application range, especially in new factory buildings. The height of the trip can reduce the height of the building and reduce the construction cost.

Supply Scope Of Low Headrooom Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Model: CDL
Lifting Capacity: 0.5~16 ton
Lifting Height: 6~30 m
Working Class: M3,M4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃
Low Headrooom Electric Hoist Features
the best clearance height, compared with ordinary CD / MD hoist can increase the lifting height of 200 ~ 500mm
excellent three-in-one transmission technology, hoist reducer is made of high-quality alloy steel, three-stage deceleration, stable operation, long life, reliable performance, avoiding many shortcomings of long-distance transmission of CD hoist intermediate shaft.
The motor has excellent comprehensive performance. The motor is specially designed for the new self-cooling cone type motor. The motor casing is made of aluminum alloy material with good heat dissipation performance. The motor insulation grade is F grade and the protection grade is IP54, which is one level higher than the ordinary motor.
according to user requirements: hoist operation, lifting single and double speed or variable frequency stepless speed control, remote control, overload protection, motor overheat protection and other functions.
the organization is exquisite, the appearance is beautiful, with many unique innovations;
the entire structure is easy to disassemble, install, easy to repair, and maintainability.

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