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 A two-year-old child ..................  

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A two-year-old child is brought into the emergency room by his parents with symptoms of dyspnea, diaphoresis, and wheezing (inspiratory and expiratory). The patient has a history of severe asthma, for which he has been on inhaled corticosteroids and albuterol for some time. The parents have given the child several doses of albuterol, but no improvement in his condition has occurred. The child was alone in a room playing with his toys when the parents found him in distress. The child is unable to vocalize any sounds. Which of the following is the best option to explain the child's current status?

A. The child is suffering from an acute asthmatic attack

B. The child has aspirated something likely found on the floor and it is partially obstructing his airway passage

C. The parents are misadministering albuterol

D. The child has an inherent inability to speak

E. The child is having a panic attack


aspiration of foreign body


ANS: B.....The child has aspirated something likely found on the floor and it is partially obstructing his airway passage.


i go with the rest


grin you all are right


i agree why :
1- acute asthmatic attack ussually present with a preciputatin factor like URI , allergens or fever moreover , asthma is a disesase of small airways and therefore and inspiratory wheezing ( stridor )is an uncommon feature
2- rebound effect or respiratory distress is not a known side effect of albuterol
3- inability to speak would have been noticed before ...
4- a panic attack in uncommon in childhood and is usssualy in an underlying psychiatric disorder whih is genneraly symptomatic

so the best answer is foreign body , compatible with a picture of inspiratory and expiratory wheezing ( a foreign body trapped in trachea or in pharynx)

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