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 publications/ research/postdoc fellow ships  

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Hi Guys
what we have to do to get into some research , post doc fellow ship or to do some publications in us before starting residency in us. what is the procedure to follow. is it like that we have to hook up with a guy who is already doing some research or publications......... how can we contact them. we can go directly ask them that i m interested in doing so ........
is it ok if we go ask them directly.
any input will be greatly appreciated.
with advance thanks.


Well, there are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest is if you know someone doing research who needs postdocs. If you are doing a rotation at a US med school, just ask your attendings and if they are not doing that kind of work, they probably know someone who is. It helps a lot to come with a recommendation from someone the investigator knows. That's what I did.

Other options are to look on university job posting websites. They usually post their postdoc openings and you can just apply. If you have little to no research experience, it can be hard, but usually there are labs which don't care and will take you with the understanding that they have to teach you. I would caution you that those programs would expect you to stay there for several years.

Another good way to do this would be to pick a field you are interested in, and go approach researchers at nearby universities doing similar work. If you talk to them directly and convince them you are sincere and really want to do work in their field, then even if they are not hiring, they can direct you to someone who is.

A few words of caution: if you are still studying for MLEs, research fellowships take a LOT of time. It will be tough to study and do the work your job requires (but obviously it can be done, I did it). Second, I think you should do the work at a university that realistically might take you for residency. Third, you should like basic science and research. It will be a hard time if you don't. Fourth, hopefully you are doing the research because you have a genuine interest in it. If you are only doing this as a way to get ahead in residency applications, well, it will be obvious and you won't get a good LoR from your boss (which would look bad when you apply).

Hope this helps.


thank u very much
u r infimation is very helpful.
good luck.

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