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 A Beginner who needs a lot of heelp  

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HI :lol: everyone..
i am really new to all this .. i am from India . i ahave just passed my MBBS ... I want real help and guidance from all of you ... where to begi what to begin.. i ahve lot of questions .. for statrterss i am from Hyderabad .Andhara Pradesh iNDIA
1. Do i take usmle 1 or 2 first
2. how do i enter US ?. i guess i have to do an other course ... what do you suggest about that :!:
3. how tough is getting the visa
4. do i join Kaplan .. it is a whopping 60000Rs... or can i manage at homee with the books :?:
5 .. other material ?? what is BSB , gopalam??? anything ...

please give me all the information you can provide ..
i would be grateful to you

if anyone can give me their contact address i will call them by phone

please Help me



Hi sasi,
Good that u started preparing soon.I guess u can study at home if u are committed enough,and kaplan lecture notes should help u.Starting with step 1 should be a good idea as it will be dealing with basic sciences first after which u can feel more confident with step2.Goljan lectures are a set of patho lectures,there are also his notes and a rapid review book.They are highly recommended on this forum.BSS are board simulator series,i have no idea about them,as i havent read them.So,hope u study well and all the best!


Hi Sasi..
U kno u've done an excellent job finding this forum right at the beginning of ur prep..
Regarding ur queries...
1. U can Step1 or step2 or CS in any order.. some people prefer taking Step1 first. Others who are fresh from med school as yourself prefer step2 as they're fresh with clinical subjects.. Its entirely a personal decision.. depends on which subjects u feel more comfortable with.. Again, some people will prefer applying for a visa first for the CS so that in case they're denied a visa, they don't go thro the trouble of taking any of the steps..
I myself wud prefer taking Step1 first as it wud strengthen the basics..
2. For entering the US medical system, USMLE is an absolute must.. no other way out..
However, if u mean entering the country, there're a no. of other courses for which clearing the GRE wud be essential..
3. Well, actually no one can assure u of a US visa.. Depends on a lot of things.. mainly if they're convinced whether u'll be returning home after ur residency or not.. No harm however in trying once for the CS.. if ur denied the visa, then think of GRE etc.
4,5. I have just finished with the Kaplan course at the Delhi centre.. I wud say that it is good.. and the Kaplan notes are also excellent.. but joining a Kaplan course is not an absolute must.. U can do without it also..esp as the notes are freely available and you are in no particular hurry of taking any step..
But do bear in mind that this exam is very different from the ones we take here in India.. it does require a thorough understanding of the subjects rather than simple memorization..
BSS is a series of review books for the various subjects of the steps.. These are also recommended by many people.. I wud say that Kaplan notes + BSS wud be more than enough.. Also, do as many ques as u can including the Q-banks..
All the best for ur studies..


thanks doc rajan..
it feels great to know that there is some one to help you ..
please keep me posted with info
thanks again


thanks krishie
i am thrilled to know that there is a helping hand for me ..
best of luck for you too


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