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 Electric hoist sold to Bangladesh  

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Data from China Customs shows that Bangladesh imported US$63.24 million of various crane products from China in 2021. Among them, the import value of electric hoists was 1.57 million US dollars, and the import value of manual hoists was 1.19 million US dollars. The trade volume between China and Bangladesh has increased year by year, and Dongqi Crane is very optimistic about the crane market in Bangladesh. For the electric hoists and manual hoists that need to be purchased in Bangladesh, Dongqi Hoist has a variety of models to choose from to adapt to different working environments.

As an excellent crane supplier in China, Dongqi Crane has more than ten years of crane service experience in Bangladesh, and several projects are completed in Bangladesh every year. This article will mainly introduce the types of electric hoists and manual hoists that we can supply to Bangladesh. If you have any needs for our products, you can click here to contact us, or tell us by Email: [email protected]

Types of electric hoists imported from Dongqi in the Bangladesh
MD1 Double Speed Electric Hoist
Md1 Double Speed Electric Hoist

Double speed electric hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment, which is installed on the single girder, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes for material handling. As one of the commonly used material handling equipment, the double speed electric hoist is usually used in factory, mining, railway, port, and storage, etc.

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CD1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Cd1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric wire rope hoist is a type of material handling equipment, installed on a single beam crane, linear curve strander beams or it can be used at the hoisting mechanism of double beam crane, gantry crane, linear crane for material handling by industrial and mining enterprises, railways, and warehouses, etc. The lifting capacity of single speed electric wire rope hoist is 0,5 to 32 ton and the working class is M3 and M4

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European Electric Hoist
European electric hoist

European wire rope electric hoist is a newly developed material handling equipment with advanced design technology according to the FEM standards and other regulations. The new serial of wire rope electric hoist is environment-friendly, energy saving and cost-effective which ranks top among similar products. The lifting capacity of the European wire rope electric hoist is 1 to 80 tons and the working class is M5 and M6. Customized European wire rope electric hoist are available.

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Electric Chain Hoist
15 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment for material handling. Electric chain hoist is mainly consisted of motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheel, etc. Electric chain hoists from DQCRANES have the features of beautiful outlook, solid durability, and international technology, etc. The inside gears of electric chain hoist are hot quenched which increases the wear resistance of the gear and toughness. The lifting capacity of electric chain hoist is 0.5 to 35 ton, and the working class is M3 or M4

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Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Low headroom electric hoist is transformed from CD / MD electric hoist. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, lifting single, double speed, high effective lifting stroke and stable operation. It has wide application range, especially in new factory buildings. The height of the trip can reduce the height of the building and reduce the construction cost.

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Manual Chain Hoist / Chain Block
Manual Chain Hoist

Manual chain hoist / chain block is one of the most economical material handling equipment with features of hand operation, simple structure, cost-effective, widely application, etc. What’s more, the spark resistant features, such as, stainless steel, bronze hooks, chains, wheels, etc are available to manual chain hoist / chain block. The lifting capacity of manual chain hoist / chain block is 0.5 to 100 ton

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Types of electric hoists sold to Bangladesh
20 ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist Cable Hoist for sale to Bangladesh
Standard electric wire rope hoist configurations include normal headroom, low headroom and double girder designs. Standard features include:

1/2 – 80-ton (500 – 80,000 kg) capacities
Lifts at 13ft (4m) to 320ft (100m) and beyond
Lifting speed range 10/1.5 to 62/10 fpm (3/0.5 – 19/3 m/min)
208, 230, 460, 575/3/60 or 380/3/50 power supply
Single-reeved or double-reeved
Load monitoring
2-speed hoisting and inverter controlled trolley motions
Lowest headrooms in the industry
Fem Standard Electric Chain Hoist for Sale to Bangladesh
The fem crane and fem hoist are hoists and cranes designed and produced based on FEM standards, also called the European crane and hoists

FEM/DIN standard Electric Chain Hoist with the features as follows:

European standards, leading technology.
Reliable quality, long service life.
Small size limit, low energy consumption, reducing plant construction investment.
The overall processing, high precision, low noise.
Modular design, easy transportation and installation.
Frequency control, smooth operation, high efficiency.
Electric anti-swing technology, accurate positioning, safe and reliable
CD Model Single Speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Sale to Bangladesh
CD type electric wire rope hoist has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, convenient operation, strong versatility of parts and high cost performance. It can match with manual trolley and electric trolley of different speeds. The travelling hoist can be installed on electric overhead crane, single beam manual overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, jib crane(cantilever crane), gantry crane, etc., and also can be suspended on the I-beam, the straight line or curve. The fixed hoist can be mounted on the fixed support for vertical lifting.

CD type electric hoist is widely used in factories, freight yards, mines, docks, warehouses and other working environments, working temperature is from -25℃ to+40 ℃ , relative humidity ≤ 85%, altitude below 1000 m, power supply is three-phase AC 380V, 50HZ (also available Customized according to customer requirements).

5 ton Wire Rope Electric Hoist with OEM Standard for Sale to Bangladesh
An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) makes systems or components that are used in another company’s end product. Computer manufacturers, for example, commonly bundle or integrate OEM parts – such as processors and software – into the solutions they sell. OEMs can save time and money.

We supply good quality 5 ton electric wire rope hoist to Bangladesh. The main advantages of wire rope hoists include:

Provide very fast lifting speed;
Can be assessed as a strict classification of duties;
Market dominance is 10 tons and above;
Quieter and smoother lifting operation.
1t Wire Rope Hoist for Factories Ce Certificated for Sale to Bangladesh
The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products traded on the extended Single Market in the European Economic Area (EEA). They signify that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

The purpose of using electric wire rope hoist is to improve work efficiency and save labor. Before using it, it is necessary to know which sites the electric wire rope hoist is suitable for.

Electric wire rope has stable performance, fast heat dissipation, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the insulation performance of the electric hoist, and at the same time, it is necessary to improve the protection level of the electric hoist. We need to design the overheating protection on the motor. To ensure the stable operation of the CD1 wire rope electric hoist, in the design process, factors such as the power of the electric hoist and the depressurization starting capability should be fully considered. In order to reduce motor noise, it is not only necessary to improve the processing and manufacturing progress, but also to fully consider the noise reduction effect by reducing electromagnetic noise in the design process. In the design process, the motor needs to be divided into several levels for design to improve the running quality of the single machine.

How to customize electric hoist from China
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you want to customize a electric hoist, you can leave a message on the website or Email: [email protected] , tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you

Electric hoist sold to Bangladesh

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