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I was hoping to start some discussion on this topic. I want to combine a career in research with some clinical practice (maybe in oncology or in immunology).

Can anyone advise about how you do this? I mean, do you have to go and get a PhD (another 4-5 years??) or can you enter a research-track residency. Or are they only open to people who already have MD/PhD?


Anyone else out there who feels the same way?? Seems like lots of people are more interested in clinical practice than research.


Yes..that's true..becuase researchers make less money and also most people would like to get involved in patient care ...but being a researcher will bring you big it depends on person! If you like it some search...i beleive there are things you can do in big hospitals or med.universities!


After 3 years of residency you should apply for a reserach fellowship, such as allergy/immunology or oncology and you can get involved into research. You don't need to be PhD/MPH. Fellowship training is enough to do research under someone's guidance, but it is not enough to run own research project. Therefore, if you really interested in research you can get several more years of research training after fellowship to prepare youself to independent research. I wanted to combine practice and research too, and even interviewed at several research fellowships, until I recognized salary difference. In research salary depends on grants, today you have grants, tomorrow you may not. It is very important to join a promising research team in the beginning, so you get more chances to get grants in the future. In private practice you will generate your revenue by seeing more patients and doing more procedures.


There is the "Internal Medicine Research Pathway".
Information available at

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