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 Aluminum Investment Castings  

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Your source for strong, lightweight aluminum investment castings
For many product designers and manufacturers, aluminum is the metal of choice for many applications. Aluminum investment castings offer higher strength than many steels, offering a way to achieve weight reduction goals without compromising product integrity.
jiachuancasting stands out with our excellent aluminium investment casting process. Our competence, expertise and attention to detail have made us a leader in aluminum investment castings. Demanding customers in the aerospace, defense, medical and automotive industries continue to trust us to produce high-quality aluminum castings up to 50 lbs (23 kg) for their most critical applications.

Casting a wide range of aluminium alloys
Tensile strength is a primary requirement for many applications, but others require good weldability, excellent fatigue properties or a high level of corrosion resistance. Our expertise covers a very wide range of aluminium alloys and we can help customers understand which aluminium alloy best meets performance, performance and cost requirements.
Our most commonly cast alloys are listed in the table below, but many other air melt alloys are also available upon request. If investment cast aluminum is required, we can also provide specific material chemical and mechanical specifications.

The benefits of choosing aluminum investment castings
Aluminum castings save weight compared to other metals, but the advantages don't stop there. With its high flowability, molten aluminum can easily flow into thin sections inside the mold. Because aluminum can reproduce intricate features and fine details, it is well suited for the investment casting process.
Aluminum castings are generally cheaper and more energy efficient. Aluminum is generally machined much faster than iron castings and has a lower melting point; iron alloys melt at 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit, while aluminum melts at 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.
In addition, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, so no coating is required. If a specific finish is required for aesthetic or performance reasons, options include anodizing, powder coating, E-coating and paint.

Who can use aluminum investment castings?
Aluminum investment castings are used in a wide range of applications requiring high strength and low weight, including:
Optical housing
Communications satellite
electrical chassis
electric motor
internal combustion engine
operating bed
The aerospace and automotive industries prefer to use aluminum castings because they improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Aluminum is also widely used in marine and outdoor applications because it can withstand wet or humid conditions. Unlike steel, aluminum does not rust and does not require frequent maintenance.




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