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 Why Should Use A Standing Desk  

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Have you ever wondered why many people who work at an office gain considerable weight after a few years? Blame it on sitting. Studies revealed that American employees spend six hours on average frozen in their seats.

Because they are busy with their tasks, desk-job warriors typically do not notice the hours pile on—and with this, the pounds/kilos add up as well. It may seem harmless at first. But sitting for a long time does not only lead to adding unwanted weight and minor discomforts in the neck and back areas.It could also shorten life.

Thus, it comes as no surprise why the campaign “sitting is the new smoking” has quickly caught on. Numerous researches have confirmed how a sedentary lifestyle could seriously endanger health. Therefore, it only makes sense that employers encourage their employees to stand instead of sit during office hours.

And the best place to start is by replacing traditional desks with standing desks.

What Is a Standing Desk?
Also called a stand up desk, or a standing desk, a standing office desk is an ergonomically designed table that lets users read, write, or work on their computers while standing or sitting on specially made stools. Although considered as a relatively new trend, it has actually been around for centuries. However, back in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was only popular among people who were well-off. Commonly used in homes and offices, it was favored by famous personalities like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and more.

Standing desk with keyboard tray come in different styles. Each one is designed to fit a particular task. Some are built with adjustable heights, so operators can sit whenever they please. There are also styles that are distinctively crafted to function like lecterns. These allow users to stand by simply placing the desk on top of another desk. Should you prefer to sit down, however, all you need to do is remove it.

The Standing Exercise Mentality: Finding the Time to Work Out
Unlike conventional exercise equipment, you do not have to set aside time to work out using a standing corner desk. You can work out at your standing desk exercise equipment without taking a 20-30 minute break from your task.

In fact, as proven by many who have tried it, it can be done easily with activities that do not need absolute focus (e.g. talking on the phone, searching for files, arranging items on your desk, etc.). Thus, when considering “standing at your desk vs. sitting”, standing always edges out sitting.

One exercise at a time for 5 minutes or less suffices. You can allot 5-15 minutes of each hour or every 2 hours. It is all up to you. Just make sure that you balance your time wisely. However, if you are suffering from an illness/any health condition or have a weight loss goal, put yourself at an advantage by seeking the advice of a doctor before you start your regimen.

As with standing, the exercise you can do will work out specific areas little by little. Because you are doing more than just stand, the calories burned likewise increases. And with that, your benefits go up as well. Just make sure to do it right. Most importantly, do not try to race with others or do something freaky (like a headstand), and you will be fine.

Should I Buy A Standing Desk?
So are you still on the fence about replacing your “for-sitting-only workstations” with l shaped sit stand desk? With all the benefits gained from using this ergonomically designed office equipment, it is understandable why the number of companies that acquire it is continuously increasing.

But as with all healthy lifestyle changes, gradually incorporating an activity into a regimen is the best way to go. Hence, experts advise that users start with just 20 minutes at a time and just increase it little by little until they get used to the practice. Because standing comes naturally, the act of doing it often will seem almost effortless. Before you and employees realize it, it has already turned into a habit.

However, if you have spent most of your office hours sitting for years, drastically changing your routine by standing for long periods could lead to muscle strain. So do take it slowly. Remember: a few minutes at a time done every day works best. As with all successful endeavors, consistency is always key.

For more information on how you can maximize the advantages of replacing your traditional workstations with adjustable height desk with drawers, contact FEZIBO today. Our friendly sales people will provide quotes upon request. They will tailor the quote to your office’s and employees’ specific needs. This way, you can be sure that you will get the best value for your money.

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