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 Storage of Electric Chain Hoist  

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For the electric chain hoist, every safe operation is to control the details again and again. Inspection and maintenance before use, storage after use and other details make it reach the ideal service life. The storage of the electric chain hoist is very important for the next use. Store it properly and perform a test run next time and perform an inspection. However, if it is stored improperly, it may not be used next time, which will delay the progress of the project. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the key points of electric hoist storage.

Avoid dropping or bumping the motor back shell during storage to prevent damage to the motor braking system.
The sand, dust, oil, branches, leaves and other debris on the outside and inside of the electric chain hoist should be removed, and lubricating oil should be applied.
When storing, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the gourd heads, chains, hooks, etc. should be arranged neatly, and avoid disorder.
When storing in low-lying places, avoid the impact of heavy rain. It is recommended that a backing plate can be used to put the electric chain hoist on the backing plate to prevent the gourd from being soaked in the rainy season and causing rust.
If the work is only temporarily suspended (half a day), the electric chain hoist can be left without any operation after the power is cut off (but no heavy objects should be hung), and the electric chain hoist should be cleaned of impurities, check whether the suspension is firm and wear protective equipment. Rain cover.

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