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 Crane for sale Paraguay  

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Data from China Customs shows that Paraguay imported US$955,000 of various types of crane equipment from China in 2021, including US$216,000 of electric hoists, US$217,000 of manual hoists, and US$103,000 of general-purpose overhead cranes. As an excellent crane supplier in China, Dongqi Crane can provide Paraguay with the types of cranes: gantry cranes, overhead cranes, jib cranes, electric hoists, electric winches and various crane accessories.

This article will mainly introduce the types of cranes that may be popular in Paraguay. If you have any needs for our cranes, you can click here to contact us, or let us know by Email: [email protected]

Top-selling crane types in the Paraguay
BCD Explosion-proof Electric Hoist-2 BCD Explosion-proof Electric HoistExplosion proof electric hoist is a specially designed material handling equipment with the features of explosion proof. Explosion proof electric hoist is designed and manufactured according to GB3836-2000 provisions and international regulations, with the explosion proof mark of D II BT4, and D II CT4, which can be supplied to applications that has the level of II A, II B, II C grade, the temperature sub-groups T1-T4 group of combustible gas, steam and air from the explosion gas mixtures in a zone, zone 2 areas. The lifting capacity of explosion proof electric hoist is 0.5 to 16 tons and working class of explosion proof hoist is M3. The main parameters of the hoist is as follow:
Cd1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope Hoist CD1 Single Speed Electric Wire Rope HoistElectric wire rope hoist is a type of material handling equipment, installed on a single beam crane, linear curve strander beams or it can be used at the hoisting mechanism of double beam crane, gantry crane, linear crane for material handling by industrial and mining enterprises, railways, and warehouses, etc. The lifting capacity of single speed electric wire rope hoist is 0,5 to 32 ton and the working class is M3 and M4. The main parameters of electric wire rope hoist is as follow:
European Type Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist European-type Electric Wire Rope HoistEuropean electric hoist for 1- 80 tons material handling. FEM electric hoist for sale high quality good price, saving your budget for long run! You want it when you know it!
Manual Chain Hoist Manual Chain Hoist / Chain BlockManual chain hoist also called chain block, is a kind of hand lifting machinery, with the lifting capacity ranging from 0.5 ton to 100 ton. The chain block is used in factory, mine, building site, dock, shipyard, warehouse, etc.
MDG Single-girder Gantry Crane L type gantry craneL-type gantry crane is single girder Gantry Crane; with large net space due to L-shaped structure. With light weight, low overall height; the structure is compact, more cost savings, and it is cost-effective gantry crane with respect to A-type and U-type gantry crane. Maximum lifting capacity is of 50 tons. Widely used in open-air yards, docks, along railway operations and other places.
QE Double Trolley Overhead Crane QE Double Trolley Overhead CraneDouble trolley overhead crane is a double girder overhead crane equipped with two trolleys, which can work simultaneously or separately. They are mainly used to lift long and big loads or sets of loads with two long distance lifting points. The lifting capacity of the double trolley overhead crane is 5 ton to 400 ton, and the work class is A5 and A6.
QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane QC Electromagnetic Overhead CraneQC series double girder electromagnetic overhead crane is a loading and unloading equipment. It is equipped with removable electromagnetic chuck and corresponding operating system for handling and lifting metal objects. The lifting capacity of an electromagnetic overhead crane includes an electromagnetic weight of 5- 32 tons. The working categories of electromagnetic bridge crane are A5 and A6. The magnetic holding time is 10- 30 minutes.
Paraguay and China Economic and Trade Relations
At present, China and Paraguay have no diplomatic relations. At present, Paraguay’s trade with China is limited to imports. Last year, the import value was about 3 billion US dollars. At present, Paraguay is still the only country that has established diplomatic relations with Taiwan in South America. If Paraguay does plan to develop the Chinese market, it may need to deal with this situation first!

Dongqi’s crane service in the Paraguay
We are a crane manufacturer located in China, providing crane customization services to global crane customers. If you need to customize a crane, we need to obtain your requirements for cranes. Taking overhead cranes as an example, we need you to provide the following product parameters, you can leave a message on the website or Email: [email protected], tell us the following information, and our sales manager will contact you

Crane for sale Paraguay

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