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 hemato..easy one  

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how would a pathologist distinquish a peripheral blood smear between a patient with G6PD def and pyruvate kinase def ?



pyruvate kinase def (NO HEINZ BODIES)


correct smiling face


also bite cells....present in G6PD def.


G6PD deficiency:
1) HEINZ BODY --> Screening test during active hemolysis
2)RBC enz analysis-->Confirmatory test when hemolysis has subsided
3)Peripheral Blood-->bite cells,reticulocytosis

Pyruvate kinase deficiency:
1)Confirmatory Test-->RBC enz assay.
2)Reticulocytosis,RBCs with Thorny projections.


Over here, an enzymatic test is used as the screening test. Those with G6PD deficiency will fail to oxidize the dye (no colour change).

Echinocytes are seen in PK deficiency.

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