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 Queen Platform Bed Guide  

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Merging Old and New Aesthetics with Your Platform Bed

Streamlined designs are the in-thing for homes and interior décor nowadays - architects are gearing towards cleaner lines and lighter furniture for the homes that they design. Homeowners both young and old are also gearing towards these looks because they like having more space and more light within their homes.

Your bedroom should not be spared of these innovations, but it should not lose the warmth and the comfort that you need, too. With a solid wood platform bed, you can seamlessly mix avant-garde design with tried and tested comfort and durability.

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A platform bed differs from a traditional bed frame because you simply place the mattress atop it - it mirrors the low beds of Asian cultures and homes. This usually means firmer support versus traditional bed frames. They also usually have very low headboards or none at all. It looks clean and simple but is not lacking in elegance and attractiveness. There is also the added utility of having shelves or drawers attached under your bed - more space to hide things away with and keep your room spotless and free from distracting objects!

The flat and clean lines of your platform bed will go well with the interiors of a minimalist and ultra-modern bedroom. It makes your room look clutter and fuss-free. You can choose to have fitted sheets that will match the purity of the look you are creating.

You can have your platform bed painted with a dark finish or color to make it look more modern, or you can retain its natural finish for an organic look. You can incorporate other wood accents to your room like water, or thin plant decors, to create an Asian theme conducive for meditating or relaxation.

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Solid wood is your best choice for your bed frame. It will last longer than second-grade plywood, and it is also termite resistant. Will well use it can serve you for years and can even last until the next generation? The classic look of a platform bed will ensure that it will blend in with whatever décor changes you will go through with your room.

A solid wood platform bed will match the look of a modern bedroom perfectly, but at the same time, it will retain a classic nostalgic feel since it is made of good solid wood. You can choose to keep it simple or dress it up and make it more opulent with bigger and more abstract patterned sheets. Whatever design mood you will be into, your solid wood queen size platform bed frame will never be out of place. It will stay as comfortable and sturdy as when you first brought it into your home.

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