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 Tetany and hyperaldosteronism  

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can you explain how hyperaldosteronism can cause tetany?


Hyper Aldo-->Hypo K-->H for K exchange-->Alkalosis-->Hypo Ca-->Tetany


Also hyperaldosternism increase Na+ this drives Ca+ absortion by cotransport in kidney. Also higher uptake of Ca++ in the small intestine by the same mechanism. Causing in this way a hypercalcemic state.


but tetany is caused by a HYPOcalcemic state??


I admit I am wrong dismiss my reply. I got consfuse with the mechanisms that implies this question. Chvostek's sign made me remember. A state of severe alkalosis cause tetany by the mechanisms mdwannabe explained.


very well replied mdwannabe! thankx to others too


thank you.


Aldosterone at the distal tubule and collecting ducts causes Na+ retention and K+ secretion. During action potential formation in a neurone, Na+ is responsible for the depolarization phase and K+'s movement out is responsible for the repolarization phase. For a nerve that innervates a muscle, the repolarization phase of the action potential is responsible for relaxation. Due to depletion of K+, repolarization phase does not occur and hence muscle remains in a state of persistent contractility(tetany) due to firing of the Action potentials which don't die down by repolarization.

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